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Hihonor supports you to get a high-quality laptop for sale in UK. One of the laptops you can buy is the Honor Magic Book Pro. The information below shows the specifications of the laptop. The specifications may attract you to use this premium laptop. 


You are about to use a 16.1 inches laptop, along with an impressive model. This laptop is using a high-quality aluminum body to improve its durability. Honor wants to offer a compact and lightweight laptop that people can bring anywhere and anytime they want. Imagine that the laptop is only 16.9 mm thick and 1.7 in weight. This model specification will not make you suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain when you bring the laptop in a backpack.    


The processor of this laptop is also amazing. The manufacturer is using the AMD Ryzen 5 processor and the latest AMD Radeon Graphics. The processor allows you to do a lot of tasks or play games smoothly. You can use this laptop to edit photos or videos or 3D rendering projects. It also uses a 7nm chipset that helps to use energy efficiently. As a result, the battery lifespan is longer than traditional laptops. 

Impressive Display 

You may find a laptop for sale in UK that has an impressive display. If it is so, the Honor Magic Book Pro is the answer. This laptop is using a sophisticated system that helps to improve the quality of images on the screen. The colors look clear, vivid, and sharp on the screen. The manufacturer even certifies the screen to make sure that it doesn’t make you suffer from eye fatigue and eye strain even if you have to see the screen for a few hours. This laptop is a cool option for gamers who love to enjoy beautiful graphics while playing their favorite games. 

Compatible with A Variety of Apps 

There is a case that you have to work with several high-end apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, FFmpeg, and many others. These applications reduce the performance of the laptop if it is not compatible. Unlike those traditional laptops, Honor Magic Book Pro is compatible with these apps. You can work well and finish projects maximally. Those apps will not reduce the performance of the laptop. 

New Fan System 

The manufacturer also thinks about safety and how to solve common issues. That’s why Honor Magic Book Pro is using a dual-fan system. This fan system is different compared to the traditional fan system in laptops. This laptop is using two fans, along with a larger number of blades. The purpose of adding blades is to make sure that the air around the laptop flows well. As a result, the feature can reduce the risk of overheating problems. You even will not hear any noisy sounds while using the laptop. 

Bigger Memory

Memory is one of the crucial things in a laptop. The size of the memory has to support the needs of the users. This product gives you a big memory to facilitate your need to save all kinds of files. The memory also helps the laptop to run multiple apps without any problem. The 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD memory is enough to support the performance of the laptop as well as the needs of its users.      

Impressive Sound Quality 

It seems incomplete if a laptop only has a high image resolution. The laptop will be complete if it also has impressive sound quality. These two benefits you will get on the Honor Magic Book Pro. The manufacturer is using high-quality speakers that produce a clear sound. 

Extra Protection 

This laptop gives you extra protection, along with the use of fingerprint technology. All you have to do is put your fingerprint on the power button. The laptop will turn on in a few seconds. This feature gives extra protection from thieves or intruders who want to open your laptop without permission. The system will only detect your fingerprint as a password to turn on the device.  

For those who want to find a laptop for sale in UK for working, gaming, editing, and other heavy-duty tasks, you can go to HiHonor. Take the Honor Magic Book Pro home and feel the benefits of using this laptop to support your activities. 


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