New York City’s Disturbing Nuclear War Warning PSA


You may have noticed the bizarre PSA promoting the nuclear war preparedness of New York City. The city’s emergency management agency has released the 90-second video aimed at keeping people safe and informed in the event of a nuclear attack. The message is simple: stay inside, avoid windows, and hunker down. It advises viewers to remove clothing and stay inside until it is safe to go outside. It also advises people to take a shower.

The message, posted on July 11 by the New York City Emergency Management Department, aims to educate New Yorkers and the general public on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. It’s unclear why exactly the PSA was made, and the city confirmed that there’s no known immediate threat of nuclear war. Still, the video’s underlying message has startled New Yorkers that have encountered it.

In the video, New York City’s Emergency Management Department explains three key steps to prepare for a nuclear attack. The video advises people to stay inside, remove outer clothing, and stay tuned to local and federal officials. The video begins by showing virtual footage of buildings in New York. Residents should stay inside, get as far away from windows as possible, and stay calm. The video concludes with a call for people to stay indoors and to stay tuned.

The video then gives basic instructions for how to survive a nuclear attack. The instructions include washing one’s clothes and removing any outer clothing to protect against radioactive dust and ash. Then it recommends staying inside for the duration of the blast. It also urges residents to stay indoors and follow the media’s updates.

The timing of the PSA is odd. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious reason for it.  The war in Ukraine? Potential dirty bombs by terrorists?  Who knows. But, it is one of those things that makes NYC very unique.

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