How To Utilize NCERT Solutions for CBSE Exams


NCERT solutions are the best study material that you can use to score and prepare well. For your CBSE exams, you need to focus on the NCERT textbooks and learn the concepts and topics from them. To support your progression the NCERT solutions are the best thing. For the board exams, the solutions are very useful and students must take advantage of them.

This article will provide you with information on how to properly utilize the NCERT solutions for your CBSE exams. Though the solutions are excellently explained and are easy to understand it still requires certain strategies to get the full benefit of it. Students tend to mug up the solutions for all the exercise questions, this will not help you prepare properly and you cannot score well. Following are some useful ways by which you can get the full benefit of the NCERT solutions.

Study Textbooks Along with the NCERT solutions

First and foremost, you must concentrate on NCERT textbooks and be thorough with them. All the chapters from the textbooks are present in the NCERT solutions, while studying your textbooks you can use the solutions to understand certain examples and topics as they are explained more readily in the NCERT solutions. Use markers to highlight certain points related to the topic in the NCERT solutions while studying, this will help you during revision. Always refer to the solutions while learning chapters and topics from the textbooks, this will also help you to remember the type of questions and examples from the solutions. Use the solutions to your benefit and prepare well.

How to use the NCERT Solutions to Solve Exercise Questions

Learn the chapter properly and solve examples before you start solving the exercise questions. Students tend to use the solutions right away and use them to solve the exercise questions, this is not the correct way to approach them. After you have learned and gone through the chapter try solving the questions from the exercises by yourself and do not use the solutions. If you are stuck or having a problem, before referring to the solutions try to check a few examples or study the topic related to the question. This will help you to gain confidence and prepare well. Use the solutions to check the steps and explanations of the difficult and lengthy questions. You can also use it to learn objective-type questions. Solve the additional questions given in the solutions after you have solved the exercises.

Maintain Separate Notes for the NCERT Solutions

While solving the questions and examples of the topics from the solutions you must maintain a separate note for it. This will help you to go through and revise faster. You can always use it to check formulas and examples to help you remember the concept. Write the answers from your solutions in a short way in your notes and try to explain it with keywords, thus you can recall the topic to the answer easily and write it in your own words. During last moment preparation you will find these notes very handy, these are also best for revising chapters and topics. You can also check solutions to certain types of questions and their formulas. It is also recommended to write the formulas present in the NCERT solutions in a separate note. You can always use it while solving maths questions and other science subjects.

NCERT Solutions Subject Wise

The NCERT solutions explain all the chapters and topics excellently and here are some of the subjects whose NCERT solutions are available, though the NCERT solutions are present for all the subjects there are few subjects for which using the NCERT solutions is a must. The NCERT Solutions for maths are one of the best study materials that you can use while learning any standard maths and preparing for the CBSE exams. From classes 6-12 all the solutions for maths are available. The chapter topics are also explained with examples. The science NCERT solutions are also very good and explain all the three-subject physics, chemistry, and biology. There are plenty of examples and additional questions for physics, biology is explained with diagrams and labeling. You can learn the equations, formulas, and reactions better from the NCERT science solutions and you can also find additional examples and their implementation. For the class 12 board exam, the NCERT solutions provide separate solutions for physics and chemistry. These are well explained and can help you prepare well for the exams.

English and Hindi also have their solutions, stories and poems are explained thoroughly and it is made easier to understand. All the chapters and their exercise questions are present in the solutions and it works like a handbook for learning the lengthy answers.

Advantages of the NCERT Solutions

It is already mentioned many times in this article that the NCERT solutions are one of the best study materials and students must use them for preparing for their CBSE exams. Well, this is because there are many advantages of the NCERT solutions, advantages of the NCERT solutions are as follows:

  • The NCERT solutions are made by the experts, NCERT solutions focus on improving the student’s subject knowledge.
  • The NCERT solutions are very easy and simple to understand and you can cover all the topics and questions.
  • There are extra questions present in the NCERT solutions that students can practice after solving the exercise questions.
  • All the topics and concepts are explained with the help of examples, all the chapter’s solutions are present in the NCERT solutions.
  • Preparing for the exam from the NCERT solutions will also help you to learn the pattern of the paper.
  • You can download the NCERT solutions for free in PDF form. You will find the questions and chapters to be updated.


You can utilize the NCERT solutions by using the above tips and prepare for your exams. The NCERT solutions for CBSE is the best study material and you must use it to score well.

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