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Something exciting coming up for aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling to bring their unique ideas to reality. An Italy-based dynamic startup, Fifthub, is soon to introduce its signature social networking platform on Kickstarter to help budding entrepreneurs startup their ideas. Fifthub will also help people to find projects that complement their skills and experience.

Fifthub can be defined as an upcoming social platform which is developed to help users publish their ideas before the world and find people who can help to bring these ideas to life. The platform will also cater to those who are in quest of exciting projects matching their skills, talent, and expertise.

“A lot of times, budding entrepreneurs have to bury their unique ideas being unable to develop a solution for it. The main issue here is the inability to find the right people who can give a concrete shape to these ideas. But not anymore. Fifthub is here to transform your dreams and visions into actual reality,” stated a leading spokesperson from Fifthub.

Founded in 2019, Fifthub is the brainchild of a dynamic trio – Giacomo (coding enthusiast), Matteo (lawyer) and Matteo (accountant). It all started with the founders looking to involve people in their city to organize and accelerate ideas. But initially, they ended with futile attempts which led them to believe that probably they had been using the wrong tools. So, they set out to find the right tools, and after reaching a dead-end again, they decided to develop their solution. Thus, Fifthub was born.

How will Fifthub help its users?

  • Help to find the right partner for their unique projects or enable one to join the idea he believes in
  • Develop project & collaborate with others
  • Define & sign into Intellectual Property Protection
  • Boost project
  • Give life to your ideas or help others in developing their visions

Speaking further, the spokesperson mentioned about the unique features of Fifthub:

Privacy: In Fifthub, all personal and sensitive data will be only visible to the respective project members.

Identity Verification: A thorough identity check by a trusted 3rd party will be carried for every user that will create or adhere to a project.

Intellectual Property Protection: Fully customizable, project’s adherents will define their needs and IPP will automatically write a contract that will be updated and changed every time, according to the team’s requirements or needs.

Equities: The team can define and/or accept different percentages that will determine their value, and hopefully profits within the team.

Validation: It’s mandatory for each team member to login after every 15 days to confirm their contributions to the project. If somebody in the team does not have a majority of positive feedback, he would be excluded from the project.

Automatic Intelligent Matching System: Fifthub is powered by advanced software that will help users to find projects as well as fellow users as per their needs.

Blockchange: Advanced technology that constantly changes URLs of webpages in various blocks to prevent hacks.

“We want to give wings to your ideas by finding you the right people who can help you to turn your dreams your reality. Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental for all wonderful things, and Fifthub is all about that. But, such an advanced project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to help you realize your vision and kick-start your dream startup.”

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