‘ Scubanomics ‘ in the Scuba Diving Industry


With the dive industry facing downward pressures in the USA for the last decade, the newly launched Scubanomics.com platform presents strategies to encourage discussions on how dive professionals can collaborate to turn around the industry.

“We all are competing hard in the dive industry, but we are not growing,” said Darcy Kieran, founder of the Business of Diving Institute. “It’s time to make a shift.”

Scubanomics includes scuba diving market data and statistics, and dive industry trends in dive training, scuba diving equipment, retailing, dive travel and resorts, online commerce and digital marketing.

The Business of Diving Institute launched Scubanomics.com with the goals of helping dive industry professionals with providing enhanced value to scuba divers at a lower cost, making scuba diving more appealing to non-divers, and finding unexplored paths to growth – while championing consistency in the quality of the experience to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the dropout rate.

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