The past few years have seen an explosion in popularity in online gaming. In truth, there are a wide variety of reasons why this is the case – many of which we are going to cover off in the following blog post. As well as being an activity of pure escapism, it has also become an opportunity for people to enjoy some socializing with people that they already know, as well as those who they are yet to meet.


A big part of the reason online games have exploded in popularity is the fact that they are more accessible than ever before. People do not necessarily need either a console or a PC to enjoy them these days. Smartphone games have become hugely popular as they are so easy to get hold of. People who would once have never enjoyed games before are finding that they are not excluded from the virtual world. Even those who do not necessarily enjoy traditional video games can take part in something like a virtual escape room.


Another one of the factors that has been massively reduced or taken away entirely is the price. Many games are downloadable free of charge. Of course, when it comes to smartphone games, there are often a lot of expensive add-ons, but you can enjoy the basic version of the game at no cost. Some types of online games require a console, PC or other device to play on, but once you have this, you can access all sorts of games for not much at all.

Sociable Nature

In days gone by, gaming would be a purely solitary activity to enjoy on your own. While it can still be this, there are also more options to make this a community event. Not only can you enjoy games with those who are nearest and dearest to you, but you can also take part in the big multiplayer gaming worlds in which you never really know who you are going to meet. Gaming seems to be contributing to a new version of human socialization in many ways.

Easier to Play

Another one of the barriers that people would encounter with regards to online games was the difficulty level. However, this has also changed in a big way – particularly with smartphone games. Tapping a screen takes a lot less training than needing to work out which buttons to press on a controller.

Wide Selection of Games

The earliest version of video games meant that only a handful were available – and you did not have a huge amount of choice out there. However, now, you can play almost any type of game imaginable, which has obviously brought a host of new players to the fray as well.

As you can see from this list of reasons above, online gaming has become popular for a wide range of different reasons. This is a trend that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon in the near future.

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