Whether through inheritance or the accumulation of personal wealth, when someone has money which they would like to invest, they usually do so by buying stocks, property, antiques, coins, or gold. Over time, these investment vehicles should appreciate in value and (in theory) could then be sold for more than they cost to buy originally. A less common investment vehicle is to buy high-quality jewelry, but is this a good idea? If you have a sum of money and you would like to maximize its potential return, here are three reasons you might consider investing in a high-quality and attractive piece of jewelry.

  1. Jewelry is easy to preserve store

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are all small and lightweight. This means they can be stored, hidden, and transported easily, which is not true of many antiques or gold bars. Jewelry is also easy to preserve to ensure that it remains in good condition. You do not need a vault, but it is worth considering how you will keep your jewelry safe if you are keeping it at home.

You may want to invest in a security box or safe and keep it out of sight. It is also worth being discreet about who you share its location with. While you may trust your family and friends, you never know who they might innocently share the information with, and you certainly should not tell any tradespeople or sales representatives where you store your jewelry.

  1. Jewelry can be sold quickly

Unlike a lot of other investment vehicles, when you need to turn jewelry into cash, you can do so quickly and with minimal hassle. Selling jewelry also often involves cheaper fees, especially if you sell gold jewelry as it is in demand all over the world. When selling jewelry, you need to be able to prove its quality and authenticity, so it is important to buy from a reputable company like Orocal.

You should try to get a certificate to evidence its authenticity and appraise its value. If you price jewelry realistically, it should sell quickly, so be sure to compare your price to similar items on the market. You may be able to sell privately to an individual or to a jewelry company. An individual buyer will probably pay more, but the negotiation process may take longer, so if you need a quick sale, it is usually best to go to a dealer.

  1. Jewelry is timeless and beautiful

If you do not want to sell your jewelry for a while, you can enjoy it in the meantime, which cannot be said of many other investments. High-quality jewelry is stylish no matter how old it is, so you or your family members will be able to wear it on special occasions or every day if you want to. In addition, some investments such as stocks or property are unpredictable as their value can fluctuate. This can make it difficult to know when to sell, but generally, the longer you own jewelry, the more valuable it will be when you come to sell it.

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