Claims Management System is the centralized system between insurers and providers. Agents process claims through automated workflows, ensuring that the process is recorded and verified. Claims management systems help insurers manage their insurance claims and manage their policies.


One way to choose a great insurance company is through their claims management system. Here are some of the top-notch features you need to look for in a claims management system.


#1 User-Friendly Interface

Technology evolves, and the interface now will change in the future. The claims management system only requires a minimal learning curve. The system is intuitive, both for insurers and providers.


#2 Simplicity

The comprehensive open service support allows the healthcare insurance value chain to navigate freely and smoothly. With that, services also use private web portals. Clients are immediately presented with options and opportunities for their insurance disputes.


#3 Flexibility

The agile Claims Management system is integrated and with a dedicated IT department, it is updated to reach its full potential. Aside from the IT department, the company also focuses on upgrading the system’s business rules to ensure that the claims system is high performing.


#4 Policy Administration Integration

The policy administration should be integrated with the claim systems. That means that there is a one-system claims management solution instead of multiple ones, as the policy and claims are already merged. The system will have the capacity and capability to cover verification, billing, and payment disbursements.


#5 Security

The Claims Management System needs to have an extreme security system. On the side of the policy owner, the PIN code should be easy to remember. However, the system needs to have all its personal data stored in the system secured via encryption.


#6 System Compatible with Any Device

The claims management system should be able to handle full online documentation. That means that the system is compatible with any device, a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


#7 Transparency

The transactions for the claims must be visible to both the consultant and the customer. The claimants should also be able to track the status and decisions regarding their claims through the system.


#8 Centralized Database

For insurance companies with branches all over the country, a centralized database makes it easy for customers to file their claims and have specific management in that area immediately respond to their queries.


For decades, Cegedim Insurance used the core module Actisure Claims. All of the features listed above are what make Cegedim Insurance’s claims management system stand out.

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