The Best Opportunities to Disrupt Modern Business


Modern business is predominantly about innovation and not necessarily reinventing the wheel but simply adding to and improving the concept. Being able to disrupt a sector like Uber and Air BnB have done is the way to create value and build a business. Disruption is about the business being able to provide something that is new and considered an essential component or factor for the sector. The ideas in this article are those that, with a bit of planning, brainstorming and finance you will be able to create a business to disrupt in the modern times.


It’s a growing sector as long as your business can find the right amount of consistent business. Whether it is the one man and a van end of route courier businesses or the ultra-innovative drone delivery options, logistics and transport have a range of opportunities for innovation and development. The bottom line, however, is to ensure that you have enough customers who trust you to move their valuables from point a to point B. Once established it’s essential that you have access to an application like  which will ensure that all your vehicle resources are used to their potential, ensuring a constant in terms of your truck loads. No matter what innovations you use, the main stay of any logistics business is to have the goods to move.

E currency

Whether it is trading or mining and earning in these currencies, there are opportunities for the entrepreneur that are worth investigating. Crypto currencies are tipped as some of the best disruptors in the finance sector. Traditional banking, access to credit and even business and start up finance can and is being done online using crypto and e-currencies. It is a sector for the future and now is the time to act to both understand this sector and to be able to interact with it and develop cogent responses to existing crypto currency challenges. Security, safe storage and withdrawal of crypto funds are the areas expected to see huge changes in the near future.

Green tech

Be it green energy or green sustainable business, as long as the credentials are right, and the planet is in the forefront of the business objectives then it will allow for disruptive revenue creation. No longer is the metaphor one of blue oceans for new business opportunity, we are now all looking for the vast green fields. The low carbon economy is growing faster than most other sectors and the fact is that there is also green finance for innovative business ideas in renewables, recycling and low carbon industry. Ideas such as a robot to clean solar panels in the blazing desert heat, or using carbon waste to produce fuel and water, are the type of inventions and business ideas that have changed the way other businesses in the green economy are doing business.

Being a disruptor on the modern business playing field is all about the manner in which your business is able to harness and use technology. Being a disruptor is about coming to the market with non-conventional business models and techniques to improve your own business chances in a highly competitive environment. Logistics, e-currency and green technology are arguably the three fastest areas of innovation that will allow for innovative disruption in these sectors.

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