Natalie MacNeil’s Transformational Embodiment Certification is the only ICF accredited multi-modality program of its kind.

What makes this program different is that Natalie believes you need more than the traditional “mindset” coaching. The mental body is just one layer of coaching. 

In fact, it’s the most popular form in the personal development space. You hear many people say “mindset is everything”.

However what Natalie knows is that everyone has different layers of being. 

There are 

  • The Physical body
  • The Emotional Body
  • The Energetic Body
  • The Mental Body
  • The Spiritual Body

Natalie believes that in order to create lasting transformation you need to be transforming every layer of your being. Natalie uses different modalities for creating transformation for each of these layers. 

She incorporates breathwork, NLP, EFT blended with cognitive coaching and different coaching models to create transformation in your life and in the life of people you work with.

Don’t take it lightly that this is the only professional coaching program of its kind. 

Jules Schroader in her podcast “The Unconventional Life” who wrote for Forbes and has been featured in many prominent publications has mentioned that this is the future of coaching. 

This encompasses a more embodied approach.

As stated by Natalie:, “many people spend a lifetime searching for the secret to creating the life, career, and relationships they desire, without realizing they already hold all the answers deep inside.”

For all of us, at birth we’re given the value and meaning for us instead of finding it ourselves. Values, societal expectations are conditioned upon us from the very moment we step foot into this world.

This can be a dangerous state to be in. Natalie says it best when she states that we are “conditioned to look outside ourselves for proven methods and answers to questions that arise in our minds, instead of looking within ourselves and trusting our subjective experience. 

Re-Evaluating How People Get Coached

As mentioned above, most “experts” claim that mindset is everything. This is what is popular across the board in the personal development industry. 

The issue with this is that you’re only addressing one of the bodies and using only one set of modalities. This although is very effective which is why it’s popular is not as holistic as people are.

That’s why The Embodiment Coaching Institute is leading the way in a new era of personal development.

The dominant view of “mind over matter” places cognitive and rational thought above all else which is holding people back from realizing your fullest potential as multi-faceted beings.

Natalie is breaking away from the societal expectations of how you should be thinking, feeling and doing and what goes you should strive for. 

Natalie’s Mission 

Do you ever wonder why when you arrive at a “finish” line of having achieved the goal you set out to, instead of experiencing unbelievable joy, you feel physically exhausted, emotionally depleted and energetically out of alignment?

It’s because for personal development to create meaningful and lasting transformation, it has to be holistic. If your entire self is not aligned with your vision of success, you’ll likely never experience the abundance, love, joy, purpose, power or pleasure that you seek.

That’s why at The Embodiment Coaching Institute, they believe “the prevailing coaching paradigm perpetuates the view that wisdom is held in the brain, and negates the crucial contribution the five core parts of our being — the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies — play in attaining what we truly desire.”

Not only that but they’re challenging the commonly-held belief that setting and attaining goals can be as simple as figuring out where you are now, where you want to be, and taking action steps to close the gap between the two while maintaining a positive mindset.

Last Thoughts

From getting to know Natalie and really diving deeper in her interviews and process I can tell you she deeply cares about people and the planet.

The unconventional life for her evolves like everything in life. However, she wants you to live out of the boxes that you or society place yourself in. She wants you to get in touch with who you really are and your more natural way of being.

She wants you to strip yourself down to your highest truths and use that as a compass toward the most connected whole and fulfilling expansive lives. 

Featured image used by permission of Natalie MacNeil

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