The Last James Bond Film Featuring Daniel Craig is now on Amazon Prime for Members


“No Time to Die,” the last of the James Bond films featuring Daniel Craig, has now reached Amazon Prime and is free for members.  in Spite of the low price to watch, is it worth the time? In a review of the James Bond film “No Time to Die,” our team will discuss the plot and characters of this action thriller. The film begins in Matera, Italy, two decades after a similar situation. Lea Seydoux plays the role of the future Madeleine Swann, who is unaware that her father works for the organization Spectre. She is visited by a mysterious killer with a porcelain mask, and initially, she thinks it is her future boyfriend. But that is not what happens. The film starts with a flashback that follows Madeleine’s childhood and a future as a grown woman.

The plot is a bit uneven, with the film’s tone often feeling “un-Bond” at times. For any long time viewers of the franchise, it was almost like they were trying to help the audience get over this being Craig’s last Bond film.  But the movie still has some creative choices that will divide people. For instance, the movie has one sequence that has a “Metal Gear Solid” feel to it, in which Bond is tasked with setting up traps for his enemies. Aside from the odd choice of plot, Spectre doesn’t have the same spectacle as previous Martin Campbell films, but it takes full advantage of the IMAX presentation at the end.  With that final point, that is one of the problems of this movie — it doesn’t work nearly as well on a screen

“No Time to Die” may be a sweeping action movie that follows a classic Bond but it is disjointed and doesn’t seem like a classic Bond film, something many would want ins saying goodbye to Craig as Bond. As a climactic conclusion to the series, the film also provides some closure to Craig’s James Bond character and a sense of closure after the recent Spectre.  However, in the end, we believe it is way too long, way too disjointed, and made us wish for more classic Bond films.  On a boring TV night, it might be some decent entertainment for those looking for a “big” and relatively new film.

Getting such a relatively new and big picture was all part of Amazon’s purchase of MGM, which the Bond franchise is a part.


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