The Most Comprehensive and Affordable B2B eCommerce Plan for Distributors, Manufacturers and Wholesalers


3dcart, a leading eCommerce platform, announced today their launch of a new B2B eCommerce solution built to provide manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and other B2B merchants with powerful online B2B sales and business management tools. This new plan combines 3dcart’s robust platform with specialized B2B eCommerce features and integrations at a fraction of the cost of competing software.

3dcart’s B2B plan includes a full suite of eCommerce tools for creating an online store capable of handling bulk orders in a streamlined manner, and full customization capabilities to allow tiered pricing, customer-specific pricing levels, and much more. Additional features, normally available in the 3dcart App Store, are included in the plan at no extra charge. Built-in integrations include Apruve for B2B financing, PunchOut2Go for compatibility with most procurement software used by B2B buyers, ReTrans Freight for heavy freight and LTL management, and more. The plan costs $379 per month, placing it between 3dcart’s Pro and Enterprise I plans.

“We wanted to create a focused B2B eCommerce plan for businesses with the specific needs of B2B merchants, bringing together as much functionality as possible while keeping the pricing low,” said Gonzalo Gil, 3dcart CEO. “We’ve taken all our specialized B2B apps and rolled them directly into the plan. Thanks to our valued partnerships, we’ve also been able to include connector apps to speed up integration between the merchant’s website and our partners’ services.”

3dcart B2B includes all of 3dcart’s most advanced tools, covering business management, marketing, SEO, store design, and more, plus crucial B2B functionality that allows quick bulk order placement, sales rep tracking, and other features.

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