7 Surprising SMS Message Marketing Statistics for 2021


The Most Surprising SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

The development of information technology has led to the peak of popularization of mobile phones. This allows marketers to use strategies to communicate with users from all over the world. Many companies send out mass mailings so that their potential buyers stay informed about events of their favorite brand. You just need to contact BSG to see the effectiveness of the proposed tactics for yourself. 

Global text messaging stats show that SMS marketing has a huge impact on business development. Companies can stay in touch with their target audience by offering the most interesting information about their new products and services. You can check out the statistics below to see if it makes sense to include bulk emails in your marketing campaign to increase loyalty to your brand.

Stat #1

About 5 billion people from all over the world use SMS on a regular basis. This is more than 80% of the population of each country. By 2025, the number of customers using SMS for regular communication will grow to 6 billion.

Stat #2

Many of these people own smartphones and use them to connect to Internet. Therefore, you can include a link to your website in your SMS mailing, so that customers can quickly go to the pages of your portal directly from their gadget.

Stat #3

In 2019, the popularity of connecting to the web using 4G increased, and by 2025, each of these customers will be able to use a higher-speed network – 5G.

Stat #4

Our mind-blowing SMS marketing says that the open rate of received messages reaches 98%. This means that almost every customer you send your newsletter to will read your notification.

Stat #5

About 65% of brands still don’t use SMS marketing. You will have a significant advantage when you start communicating with your customers via SMS. In addition, nearly half of users will respond to your messages.

Stat #6

85% of customers prefer messages over emails. Emails are opened much less often, especially when it comes to bulk emails.

Stat #7

More than half of customers interested in online shopping prefer to receive order confirmation via SMS. This is the most convenient way to verify your purchase.

Text messaging stats show that conversions on the websites of companies using bulk mailing grow up to 70%. To set up an advertising campaign and improve your customer engagement, just contact the professionals at https://bsg.world/products/hlr-lookup/. 

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