The Role of Technology in Securing Self Storage Facilities


Technology has been a source of great relief for the population enabling everyday lives more accessible by making everything available at the tip of your fingers. Do you want to go shopping? Go online. Do you want to read reviews? Go online.


Now we are at a point where even the self-storage facilities are protected online. Storage facilities are of great use to us, as they help us take care of our precious and personal items and save our house from clutter.


However, before technology was hand in hand with businesses, security was a significant concern. Storage units only had padlocks that were easy to break into. However, since the emergence of various software tools and automated locks, it is much safer and more convenient, and affordable to manage and store items. So, how is technology helping storage units accomplish this endeavor? This article will walk you through how technology has facilitated the storage and monitoring of storage units. Here’s all that you need to know:

1. Mobile Apps

You know we are at a point where there’s an app for everything. No matter how minor the task, maybe you have an app. Storage facilities are now paving their path towards mobile apps. Not only has this increased competition amongst but made accessing facilities more convenient. There are plenty of self storage gate access systems that eliminate the need for keys or access cards. You can now monitor your storage unit’s activity as well as access it whenever you want. Mobile apps also allow users to rent new storage units, renew leases, and if they need help, they can use online support. It is the game-changer in taking care of storage units and a significant source of encouragement for users to invest in them.

2. Self Storage Kiosks

Self-storage kiosks are all about offering convenience to customers. Consumers can access their facilities whenever they want. It allows storage unit managers to relax some of their burdens and take care of other customers and their needs. There are plenty of tools available that designs kiosks and integrates them with management systems. So, if a customer wants to access their storage facility, the system automates their actions. As a result, consumers no longer need a manager to intervene and intercept with the consumers. As storage facilities are automating their systems, consumers can access, monitor, and watch their storage units.

3. The Cloud

By integrating cloud facilities, you can manage storage units from anywhere in the world. The cloud system is an incredible innovation. You can access databases safely and securely. Businesses now are all about using the cloud. It enables them to carry out their work in a much more effective and efficient manner. Storage facilities use the same logic. By using the cloud, it is easier for consumers to access data whenever they want. It is also a cost-effective method since it removes the need for someone to troubleshoot and repair a database crash. Cloud services have their inbuilt cloud repair system, which is so lucrative that it is rare for the database to crash.

4. Smart Locks

If you remember old-school storage units, you probably remember padlocks and security cameras. Sure, they were considered top-notch security at the time, but now they are easy to intercept. Since storage units cannot compromise on security, they need a more firm lock in place. Now, this is where smart locks come into place. A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that receives instructions from an authorized device to lock or unlock a unit. When a consumer rents a storage unit, they get a unique identifier. No one but the consumer can access the storage unit. Unless it’s an emergency storage unit manager cannot override the system and access your unit. Smart locks are also not easy to break in. They are nothing like padlocks, and once in place, they stay in place.

5. Biometric

Biometrics is another security measure that storage units use. Diverse security is what these storage units need. The primary concern of every consumer is always about how secure their storage units are. Companies that use technology to leverage their security stay ahead of the game.

Biometric security is one of the safest options there is. It uses a person’s unique characteristics such as their retina, fingertips, or voice. Some companies take it even further and bring in facial recognition. Most storage units use fingerprint scanning. It means anyone without your unique fingerprints cannot access your storage unit. There is no way for you to breach a biometric system.

6. Remote Monitoring

While you’re looking after your storage facilities from your phone, companies need to ensure everything is working in order. Storage units have several facilities. They have air conditioning, temperature control, and lighting. It is the company’s responsibility that no matter when you access your data, it is up to date. A system such as this one helps companies identify tech errors in real-time and curb them right then and there. As a result, this saves time from contacting contractors and dispatching them to the troubleshooting site. If there is less workload on managers, it is easy to ensure all systems are running as they should. When there was a lack of automation, it took longer than necessary to perform simple repair work.

7. Robotics

Robotics is steadily gaining momentum. However, we have yet to enter an era where robots have to dominate fields and sectors completely. However, many industries such as healthcare now use robotics to facilitate surgeries. Robotics are now also looking towards other industries and helping them with their workload. Storage unit facilities can use robotics to manage customer service to manage automation further and remove human representatives’ needs. Customer service has receptive primary tasks. These include answering consumer questions, guiding them about facilities, and helping them set up their system. With robots in place, not only does the process become smoother, but it is also far safer. A robot doesn’t go around handing out personal client information. So, what previously a company could achieve in minutes, a robot can fulfill in seconds.

8. Notifications and Alarms

Most storage units now come with a notification facility. When you log in to your mobile app or access your storage, you receive notifications by phone. It keeps consumers in the loop at all times. You will never have to worry in case any unauthorized individual has entered your storage unit. Notifications are also a great way to record how many times you accessed a storage facility.

Wrap Up

Self-storage units are convenient. With time you accumulate material goods and also need a safe space for important documents. Previously people were concerned about the security of their storage space. However, since technology has added itself to the game, apprehension surrounding these facilities has faded away. The security of today surrounding storage units is lucrative and smart. They are not easy to break into but are easy to maintain and manage. They are also incredibly diverse depending on the company and the locks they invest in. So, if you’re considering getting a storage unit, now is a good time.

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