They Say Celebrities Die in Threes, but This is Ridiculous…


It is being reported that 3 celebrities have passed away over the weekend.  Fans are learning about them for the first time today.

Bestselling author David McCullough

USA Daily Chronicles reports “This best-selling history writer was a cherished and celebrated member of the American community, an unabashed student of the past who shared his enthusiasm with the public. A lifelong enquirer, David McCullough wrote about the Panama Canal, the Brooklyn Bridge, Adams and Truman, the Wright Brothers, and Paris. His writing was considered essential reading by many.

“The author of The Humans of New York, David McCullough was a popular and authoritative voice on American history. He is considered a unique American humanist and historian. His work is popular because he has been able to project serious reflection on the subject of American history to a wide audience. McCullough is a true humanist, as his books take the reader inside the social worlds of the subjects.

“After earning a degree in English literature from Yale University, David McCullough worked for the Time-Life Sports Illustrated magazine in New York City. In 1961, he moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked for the United States Information Agency. McCullough was appointed an editor at the American Heritage Publishing Company, where he continued to write. His book about the Wright Brothers, a pair of unknown young men from Ohio, taught the world the power of flight. The book earned him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006… read more.

Judith Durham of The Seekers Dies at 79

USA Daily Times reports “In 1962, Judith Durham of The Seekers rose to fame with her Oscar-nominated song “Georgy Girl.” In this article, you’ll learn how she achieved fame and what caused her death. In addition, you’ll learn more about her career, including her role on the Oscar-nominated song ‘Georgy Girl.’

“Judith Durham, a renowned Australian folk singer, died on Friday night. She was 79 years old and died from complications related to lung disease. Durham’s career as a singer started at an early age, and she rose to fame with her band, The Seekers. In 1963, the band was one of the first Australian bands to reach major sales and chart success in the U.K., and she then embarked on a solo career. However, she did get back together with the Seekers in the 1990s to record her last album.

“The Grammy-nominated and Oscar-nominated ‘Georgy Girl’ is a powerful, moving song that was written for the film of the same name. Durham’s voice evokes memories of the late singer’s life, which included the loss of her husband to motor neuron disease in 1990. Throughout her life, she continued to raise awareness about the disease. Despite being a popular pop singer, she did not consider herself a celebrity. Despite her huge popularity, however, Durham remained a fan favorite and has devoted much of her life to her art…” read more.

Pop Icon Olivia Newton-John has Died at 73

USA Daily Post reports “If you were a teenage male in the 1970s, there is a very good possibility you had a crush on this cultural icon.  The singer Olivia Newton-John has passed away at the age of 73, leaving behind a legacy of five No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Her husband shared the news on his Instagram page. The star was known for her role as Sandy in the iconic movie Grease and her five No. 1 singles. Olivia was a strong advocate for people with cancer, as she first battled breast cancer in 1992.

Known for her powerful voice and soaring tenor, the late singer was also a prolific writer, who penned a number of books. Despite her fading career, her charitable work and charity work will live on. Newton-John is survived by her daughter Chloe. In 1992, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery, she underwent chemotherapy and eventually underwent partial mastectomy. In 1993, she starred in the movie “Xanadu.” During her recovery, she had a child, Chloe Rose. In 1998, she married Amazon Herb Company co-founder John Easterling.

“Newton-John’s first battle with breast cancer took place in 1992, and she survived it. The film’s soundtrack became a worldwide hit, and her duet with John Travolta was one of the biggest-selling singles of all time. Born in England, she later moved to Australia with her family. As a teenager, she won a talent contest and began recording country-pop songs. Her fame and popularity grew exponentially…” read more.


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