Before tackling these two services, you first need to know what Systancia is. Systancia is a popular European provider of recognized cybersecurity solutions and application virtualization. They provide various services to around 500 customers and are committed to becoming a part of their success.


Systancia’s services provided every customer a single window to access all of their applications as a product of their virtualization and cybersecurity solution. It utilizes the use of Cloud services and software products. Two of the services that Systancia covers are its Virtual Device Infrastructure or Desktop Virtualizations and the Systancia Workroom session.


Virtual Device Infrastructure


In this, Systencia improves the customers’ performance by the application while reducing its costs. This is done in three areas of focus: the server, application, and windows desktop virtualization. Technically the main point of virtualization is to input a part of business applications on a single dedicated server, thus increasing the overall flexibility with more unrestricted use of resources.


Going on the three areas for virtualization, if it involves creating multiple server images within a single server to combine unused resources, it is server virtualization. Application virtualization allows users to access installed applications on a server from any device in a remote area; on the other hand, windows desktop virtualization permits installing a full desktop operating system on virtual computers that run on server infrastructure. With this, the users can access their applications as if they are actually in front of their computers. With the virtual protected on a secure data center, security and availability are assured for all users accessing remotely.


The utilization of windows desktop virtualization can gradually improve a company’s productivity rate since workers can remotely access the servers and reduce the environmental impact.


Systancia Workplace Session


This made over 500 organizations breeze over the work-from-home environment quickly. As the Covid-19 pandemic still goes outside, and the governments urging the people to stay inside, Systancia brought forth its teleworking solution and deployed its Systancia Workplace Systancia users to experience the same environment in their office without sacrificing ease-of-use and information security.


Systancia workplace session maximizes the flexibility of Cloud providing a service that can be done in just a few hours, which makes turning several employees in teleworking possible overnight. The use of Systancia’s teleworking solution allows the employees to experience the same workplace benefit at home. All these benefits do not compromise the risk of security failure since Systancia provides dual authentication for every user and protects remote access from their home workstation to their workstation using a single browser.


Systancia’s teleworking solution enables the companies and its users to continue to provide results and stable productivity to all its clients despite the pandemic. It is done while taking into consideration the security risks and countering the same through  Systancia Workplace Session.










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