VIDEO: Decrypt Media Editor Looks at Legal Problems facing Coinbase


The nationally syndicated Price of Business show has had a long running video series on YouTube providing a panoramic overview of its best articles, interviews and other content.  These promotional videos showcased the content from the Price of Business Digital Network newsletter, Read Instead (make sure to click to subscribe to this weekly newsletter with the best of our content).

We have taken a turn in the series where we now showcase entire interviews that we consider among the best from our radio program.

These interviews are complete and the viewer will not have to go elsewhere to watch or listen to it.

The next in this series is Kevin Price’s interview with Dan Roberts of Decrypt Media, who is nationally recognized as an authority on all things cryptocurrency.  In this video, Roberts explains the many issues facing Coinbase, which is arguably the most important company in the cryptocurrency space. These problems include serious legal issues.  Check out that interview below:

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