Why Sudoku Attracts Puzzle Lovers So Much And How To Be able To Play It Everywhere


Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games that everyone loves. It has a simple concept that offers a huge number of available combinations. And yet, this game has simple rules and a flexible gradation of difficulty levels.
Want to know more about it? Let’s discover a little more about this amazing game. Also, we plan to tell how to play it at any convenient time in any convenient place.

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What is Sudoku

We’re talking about a popular game that has its roots in the early 18th century. However, this type of puzzles gained widespread worldwide popularity in the 1980-1990s. It is believed that playing process improves attention, logical and analytical thinking, and is also a useful form of entertainment.

The classic format of the game involves the presence of a playing field with the same edges, which consists of 9×9 cells. The playing field is divided into nine 3×3 parts. The numbers from 1 to 9 must be placed in the fields. The numbers can’t the same in line vertically or horizontally, as well as within one of the nine 3×3 parts of the game board. The player’s task is to focus on the available numbers and fill in the gaps of the playing field. The difficulty depends on the number of opened numbers at start.

In addition to difficulty levels, a puzzle can have more or less cells, a variety of geometric shapes, additional areas and conditions.

Basic information on the history of Sudoku

Many people believe that Japan is the birthplace of this game. This is not entirely true. It was created in Switzerland in the 18th century. They say that the great mathematician Leonhard Euler is its author. His version contained letters instead of numbers.

For justice, it is worth mentioning that something like this has been known to mankind for a very long time. The first mention of the “magic square” occurs in China two thousand years ago. It is both numerical and positional, since the numbers of all rows, columns and diagonals of a square must be added to the same answer. As in modern version, 1-9 should not be repeated. The target is to try to make up a new order of signs in order to compete it starting from scratch. It was believed that its answers had mystical properties and they became part of the Chinese tool of predicting the future.

The game reached Europe from China through the Arabs, who brought with them news of the Chinese invention through the Silk Road. It happened in the 9th century AD.

Returning to recent history, it gained its first widespread popularity in France in the 1890s. Gaming rules were similar to the modern original, but still had big differences. The final formation of the familiar numerical concept took shape in the United States in 1979, when the first puzzle for the authorship of Howard Garnes was published in Dell Puzzle Magazines.

And already in the 1980s, the game was enthusiastically picked up in Japan. Its popularity there is related to the fact that verbal crosswords in Japanese are almost impossible to create, and the Japanese lacked interesting puzzles. And only after local success, the fame of Sudoku scattered around the world, remaining to this day.

Sudoku Mobile Applications

Do you like to play it? Or, have you never done this before? It’s the great moment to try today! We assure you, you will discover a very exciting piece of fun that will fill a lot of free time. They can be solved in queues, traffic jams and anywhere. You do not have to carry a paper collection of puzzles and a pen with you, since you can download the application. Check out the Appsitory Articles to find out more about sudoku and similar games on your android phone

The developers offer many interesting game options for every taste. These are apps that differ in interface and design, but always contain many fascinating puzzles. And the supply of game parties is almost unlimited, which allows you not to think about other games.

Where to find the best sudoku apps

You can go directly to Google Play, enter “sudoku” in the search bar and select the first application that comes across. However, the number of apps in this topic is very large, and they all differ in different quality of completing.

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Have a nice time!

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