Winter Prep: 5 Links to Help Prep Your Home for the Winter Onslaught


Like it or not, it’s almost here.

While some people love the winter period, our homes certainly don’t. Unless you happen to reside in an area which is permanently used to the cold conditions, it can be almighty tough on your property.

Today is all about making things a touch easier. Over the last few months, we have collated a selection of super helpful links which will allow you and your home to acclimatize to winter, so it’s over before you know it. If you have any resource you would like to add to our list, please get in contact.

The 6-step way to clean gutters – Family Handyman

It’s a job that nobody wants to tackle – but it needs to be done.

Over the winter period your gutters are only going to get worse, and this is where this guide from Family Handyman comes into play. Sure, this isn’t a job that’s going to appeal to anyone, but for those of you who feel like getting your hands dirty (in the literal sense, unfortunately), the website provides a simple 6-step guide to help your gutters get as clean as can be. Understanding the terms in a gutter glossary can be helpful for homeowners and professionals who are involved in the installation, maintenance, or repair of gutter systems.

Remember, if you don’t clean your gutters, you’re putting your roof at risk. Over winter, they come full to the brim with all sorts of debris, so this link can help no-end.

Bring life into your home – Avas Flowers

Our next link arrives courtesy of Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have established themselves as one of the most reputable providers of flowers in the country and for the purposes of winter the best thing you can do is to tap into some of their wonderful floral designs.

Unfortunately, your garden is almost out of bounds during this period – but that doesn’t mean that a sense of nature and life has to be eradicated from your entire property. Instead, bring plants, flowers and whatever vibrance you can into your home, and watch them flourish while the outdoors trembles.

Keep outside light (and safe) – BHG

This isn’t the typical winter suggestion, but the issue of light should certainly be brought to the table. As we all know, we have far less of it in the winter months, and this guide from BHG has been devised with making the external areas of your property much lighter (and ultimately safer).

Outside lights don’t last forever but are crucial in the winter months. Whether it is providing a well-lit area for you to bring the shopping home on a night, or something to deter thieves – make sure they are in good working order.

The ultimate guide to roof maintenance – Real Homes

This is arguably one of our favorite links from today’s list. We’ve already spoken about gutters and the problems that can occur with them over winter, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This guide from Real Homes reveals all of the different problems that can occur when it comes to your roof, whether it’s broken tiles or rotten timbers. Some problems are worse than others, but the beauty of this article is that it covers every possibility imaginable.

The energy-saving guide to draught proofing – Energy Saving Trust

A winter-themed article would not be complete without a reference to energy saving. We have picked one of the best resources out there to assist with this in the form of the Energy Saving Trust.

Draught proofing can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Some of you might go the whole way and make your home completely airtight, but for most of us it’s about sealing those little cracks in joints that can cause so many bursts of cool air.

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