Hey there and let’s wish each other a nice productive day of carving after finishing reading (and me – writing) this post. I’ve only just started, but already can’t wait to go back to my workstation and get my hands on some knives. If you’re that passionate about whittling too, you’ve certainly come to the right place and will feel at home here. So make yourself comfortable in that chair or bed, set your mind in a positive mood, and let’s begin.

The headline tells you everything you need to know about this short thought-sharing I’ve got going on: I’m thinking of woods for wood carving. The diversity, the number of sources, and, what’s most important to me, the experiences that can be found and read on the Internet are simply delightful! So if you’ve got something to share too – don’t hesitate to do so, I’m not the only one enthusiastic about that. Which woods have you already tried to carve? And how many are out there still waiting?

People share their carvings and reviews all the time, so you can decide for yourself which wood you’re going to carve next just based on something you’ve read about an amazingly beautiful project online. Some carve basswood, some carve cherry, maple, oak, or ash – and everything about that is beautiful. Start with basswood if you’re a novice and go up and up-leveling your skills till you’re confident about almost anything.

Find out what types of wood for wood carving can be found or bought at your area because usually, that’s what you’re going to carve the most. It’s easier to find, cheaper without the shipping costs and you have a more homely feeling to it – what’s not to like? So make sure you’ve got some research on that topic going on if you don’t know everything about it already. And get carving soft and hardwoods as eagerly as you let yourself!

So give it up for those people that already do the research for you – forum authors and bloggers. They save your time and effort by sharing their own thoughts and opinions. Surely, it’s not the same for each of us, but it gives you a general sort of perception so you won’t feel completely out of it with a new type of wood, for instance.

Take a look at what Steve Jefferson has to say at his Woodcarving4u blog/website, dive into the depths of carving forums and Facebook pages – who knows how much useful information you’ll be able to catch there. Personally, I love Steve’s 5-products reviews since they give you great insight into what’s happening in the carving world and also lets you compare things.

Carve new things with new woods for wood carving for you, gain new knowledge and skills to teach us all some time – and if everyone in this community does the same, we’ll end up in the never-ending progress. Isn’t that a beautifully inspiring thought? Choose your best instruments and wood and become a new influencer in the whittling community, even if it’s a local community of only one person that’s you. If there’s you, there will be more. If we all put our minds to it, we’ll all contribute to knowledge sharing and carving great things!

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