3 Examples of Creative Advertising Options – Try Mobile Billboards!


Ads seem to be everywhere we look nowadays; on the subway, TV, radio, and even on our phones. Getting bombarded with these ads almost all the time can cause advertising fatigue where we are looking at ads but not really paying any attention.


This makes it particularly difficult for brands to stay relevant and grab people’s attention. So, how do you stop the ads from ending up as background noise?


As a marketer, you need to understand that now more than ever, ads need to matter to the audience not just in content but how consumers interact with the ad. Marketers need to use smart techniques to trigger a lasting reaction… but it’s not easy.


It’s hard to reach the right people at the right time but it’s surely not impossible. That said, here are three examples of creative advertising options that are right on the money in terms of innovation and creativity.

1. Mobile Billboards

Did you know that over 95% of people can remember the ads they saw from a mobile billboard? This is a telling statistic when you consider that only 58% of people remember ads they saw from their phones.


Because of their visual appeal, it’s estimated that mobile billboards are two times more effective than static billboards. How so you might ask?


Well for starters, they are very hard to ignore. A mobile billboard driving past you or parked in your area will grab and hold on to your attention with ease. They also have a wide reach and can be tailored for an audience within a specific geographical area.

2. Point of Sale (POS) Displays

A lot of people often wait in line at the supermarket making it a great location to engage customers so they can see your products. The ads might motivate them to add your products to their shopping lists.


Not only will POS ads increase the chances of you making more sales but they can also help reinforce customers’ buying decisions. Just be mindful of the practicality and positioning of the POS display since space at the register is usually limited.

3. Guerilla Marketing

As pointed out earlier in this article, ad fatigue is an actual thing. A big chunk of the audience is used to conventional methods of marketing like TV and radio. That’s where guerilla marketing comes in.


Brands use guerilla marketing to shake up their audience through creative works designed to give viewers an unusual perspective. Guerilla marketing is especially effective on brand awareness campaigns because they don’t ideally follow rules, common practices, or structure.


Because of its unexpected nature, guerilla marketing techniques are memorable and make a brand appear authentic and innovative.


These Creative Advertising Options Can Help Your Business Realize Its Goals

The most memorable ads are those that have the right mix between data and innovation. To pull off a series of creative ads needs a lot of insight, export opinion, and a bit of bravery and luck.


Thankfully, we’ve provided you with the first two with the creative advertising options listed above so try and consider them in your marketing strategy if you’d like to take your business to the next level.

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