The New Mom’s Guide to Winter: What You Need To Know


While new moms and their infants need to get fresh air, they must be extra careful as the cold winter months can be harsh for babies. No doubt, spending time outdoors helps tiny infants acclimate to the winter season. However, you shouldn’t take your baby when it’s freezing cold. This is because newborns can’t self-regulate their core body temperature and infants generally tend to lose heat a lot faster than adults.

The key takeaway is that there’s so much you need to know as a new mom to ensure your baby is adequately taken care of during the winter season. On that note, this comprehensive guide to winter for new moms will help.

Get a baby wagon stroller.


New moms tend to spend a considerable amount of time indoors with their tiny infants. Sometimes, they tend to take strolls through the neighborhood or theme park. But, the all-terrain wheels of a stroller can get you and your bundle of joy to your destination safely.

Today, Evenflo wagon tops the chart of best wagon strollers in the market. Many new moms, especially those who gave birth to twin babies, have shown how this innovative baby wagon stroller changed their lives.

A typical Evenflo wagon features a snack tray, removable storage basket, and dual canopy. The latest addition to the fleet is the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-terrain Stroller Wagon. This is a cost-effective alternative to buying a double stroller. It features two adjustable UV canopies, a 3-point harness, two snack trays, cup holders, and two seats. With two seats, you can comfortably carry two children with you everywhere you go.

The manufacturers also equipped the stroller wagon with an adjustable handle for efficient maneuverability. When locked into place, you can use the handle to push like a typical stroller. When unlocked, it moves freely as a wagon.

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore is also fitted with a foot brake that enables you to lock it into place. As your baby grows, you may decide to attach an infant seat in the wagon. Keep in mind that some retailers sell the infant car seat adapter separately.

Remember to dress your baby in layers.

When going out in the cold, try to dress your bundle of joy in layers. For example, consider a jacket with leggings or a bodysuit. As for your own clothes, opt for casual outfits like bootcut jeans.

Women’s bootcut jeans provide a slim fit from the waist to the thigh with a boot leg opening starting at the ankle. Iconic low-rise bootcut feels like skinny jeans. Some come in a floor-sweeping length to hide the footwear. Bootcut jeans work best with a cropped leather jacket, blouse, or fitted camisole. Also, you can go for a dark wash or light wash, depending on the occasion.

If you can’t go to a physical store, keep in mind that online clothing stores accept credit card payments at checkout. Sometimes, the marketed price may differ from the original ticket price. In addition, some vendors can offer you a coupon if you’ve made prior purchases in the past. The bottom line is that you get cash value on whatever you buy.

Eat well and exercise regularly.


Your diet is tailored to give you energy and help your body heal after you give birth. Studies show that most nursing mothers require at least 2,300 calories each day. However, it’s vital to speak to your doctor to determine your nutritional needs.

Prioritize eating balanced meals that include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, proteins, calcium, and iron. Avoid going on a diet so you get the required calorie intake. Remember, new moms tend to lose about 4.5 pounds of baby fat monthly.

It also helps to exercise if your doctor agrees. Physical activities are an excellent way to stay warm during the cold winter months. A good rule of thumb is to start slow, probably with a walking routine. There’s no gainsaying that you should avoid alcohol and caffeine.

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