If you want to avoid that wasted time in the morning spent trying to decide on the perfect outfit, investing in some good quality style basics is the way to go. Style basics are items that work well with any outfit and form the basis of many stylish looks. Have a read through these 3 style basic essentials if you want to update your wardrobe today.

White T-Shirt

A white T-shirt is a style basic that no woman should go without. This incredibly versatile clothing item can be dressed up with a smart pair of trousers, some killer heels and a statement jacket or dressed down with a cool pair of jeans and some funky trainers. It’s easy to forget about how classy a white T-shirt can look with a pair of good jeans – it’s a completely timeless look that you can count on never going out of fashion. White T-shirts also look amazing layered with jumpers, cardigans and coats, so feel free to get experimental with your choice of outerwear.

When buying the all-important basic white T-shirt, you want to make sure you go for a good quality material – this is something you’ll wear often, so you don’t want to buy a cheap material that will end up thinning with repeated wear. If in doubt, go for a cotton T-shirt; you can’t go wrong with cotton as it’s a comfortable material that’s easy to wash and doesn’t stain easily. If you’re looking for the perfect white T-shirt, head on over to yuniont.com – this classic round neck white T-shirt is a perfect style basic and really provides that timeless, flattering fit.

Good Pair of Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans is hard to find, but once you have them you’ll know – the perfect pair will be something that you can slip on, no matter the time of day, and feel effortlessly put together and confident. The perfect pair of jeans should fit exactly how you want them to – it’s completely up to the individual woman whether she wants to go for slim fit, a flared look or a baggier style. Just make sure that whatever style you go for is something that you feel is versatile and works well with the rest of your wardrobe, is flattering and ultimately, makes you feel confident!

A Winter Coat

As we enter the colder months, a perfect winter coat is a style basic that all women need. A perfect winter coat should be able to draw together any outfit, making you look classy and presentable whatever you are wearing underneath. When thinking about what winter coat to buy, opt for neutral colours. Beiges, blacks, browns and whites all work well with a variety of colours, textures and patterns and choosing a neutral colour ensures that your coat will be versatile with whatever you want to pair it with.

Investing in some style basics is a great idea for any woman that wants to save time. Make sure you go for high quality materials and timeless silhouettes when choosing your style basics – you won’t regret it and will find yourself wearing these items for years to come.

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