It’s often seen as a sign of progression, and of having transitioned fully into adulthood, when you stop living in an apartment and instead move into a house.


However, if you would like to live in a city like San Francisco, it’s much more convenient to live in an apartment. You will find yourself closer to the nightlife and the beaches that San Francisco has to offer, and you’ll be able to live a much simpler life.

Easy maintenance

If you live in a house and the roof starts leaking, you have to deal with that. You have to clean the gutters, take care of the brickwork and a whole host of other jobs that most of us would rather do without.


When you live in an apartment, one of the benefits is that generally you are only responsible for the maintenance inside your apartment. Anything to do with the roof, walls or communal areas will be the responsibility of the management company.


As an apartment resident if you notice an issue, all you need to do is call down to maintenance and they will sort it out for you without a fuss. Dreamy.

Glorious Views

Apartments are very often housed in incredibly tall buildings, which means that they offer fantastic views. This is particularly true for San Francisco. The city is beautiful, and what an amazing thing it is to be able to see it in all it’s glory every time you open the curtains.


San Francisco’s Allegro Towers Luxury Apartments offer gorgeous views over both the downtown area and the bay, meaning you can take in the full atmosphere of the city you call home whenever you like.

Cheaper utilities

Living in San Francisco isn’t cheap, so it’s important to find all the ways that you can to save yourself some money.


You will find that your utility bills are an awful lot cheaper in an apartment than a house. Firstly, apartments tend to be a little smaller so they will always cost that little bit less to heat and light. Secondly, by living in an apartment building you benefit every time your neighbours put their heating on, particularly if you live on a higher floor! Heat rises, so when they warm up, so do you.


A lot of apartment management companies actually include your utilities in with your rent, which makes it much easier for you to budget and takes away the fear that an unexpected bill might bring!


The crime rate in San Francisco is pretty high, which is worrying to a lot of people. By living in an apartment, you are taking a step to protect your safety.


Apartment buildings have secure entry ways, which is an extra layer of security for your home. Not only this, but you will be living in close proximity to your neighbors which means that there’s always someone around if something were to go wrong. Plus, entryways and corridors are generally watched over by security cameras.




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