One niche that attracts a lot of attention when it comes to military-style gear is comprised of survivalists. Well, one essential part of that gear is the survival knife, which comes in handy in many outdoor and camping situations.

Thing is, the survival knife is one hell of a versatile tool. In a pinch, it could save you from hunger, the cold, an animal attack, and much, much more. Now let’s take a look at some of the most essential survival knife uses. Learn these skills and your investment in a quality knife will be worth it.


Fishing and Hunting


A survival knife has a couple of functions that it can perform when going fishing and hunting. Not only can you skin game, descale fish, or even kill small prey, but you can also use it open a beer bottle, carve a tree bark to create a marking so you won’t get lost, and even start a fire.

As such, having a knife in these situations is necessary. And having one that can withstand the cold and harshness of the wild is even better. No expert hunter will ever advise you against bringing a knife with you. Heck, he might even tell you to bring a bunch of them just to be sure.


First Aid


When out in the wild, there’s a high chance you might injure yourself. As such, you’ll need a proper first aid kit which includes band aids, disinfectants, and other necessary materials. But what will you cut the band aid tape with? With a straight blade knife, of course. Having a straight-blade survival knife is key in a survival situation, as you will see once you read the full review.

A survival knife can be used to cut a bandage to wrap up the wood splinted to your leg if you have broken it, or help in creating a tourniquet for severe injuries. You can also use it to open anesthesia bottles to mild down your pain or kill off dangerous bacteria. Ironically, not many people truly appreciate a survival knife’s uses until they stumble upon such a situation.


Protecting Yourself and Others


In survival situations, certain animals might try to attack you. With a good knife, you can defend yourself more easily, or use it to start a fire as mentioned earlier in the article, and light a torch to scare away beasts.

Whatever the specific situation might be, a knife surely comes in handy if you want to protect yourself. Of course, a gun is always better if you’re dealing with truly dangerous animals. But in case you’re in a country where guns are illegal for civilians, carrying a knife is the next best thing.


Opening Packages


Hey, it’s not a survival skill necessarily, but if you’re gonna purchase a quality survival knife, you might as well make the most out of it.

Opening the packages with bare hands can be a tiresome task, especially if it is a special occasion like Christmas when your life is flooded with gift packs. A handy knife can be of great use in case you need to open these packages and gift boxes.




A survival knife has tons of uses, with some being more essential than others. With that said, there are plenty more uses that a knife might have depending on the situation. It’s up to you to take instruction classes to figure out bushcrafting and many other skills that involve survival knives. Because some skills can’t be acquired by simply reading about them.

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