If you’re here, then you’ve already decided to renovate your kitchen. You’ve probably found yourself walking through showrooms and seen James Bond-worthy gadgets and thought, I need that in my kitchen! If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.

We’re going to examine 5 features that all high-end kitchens should have outside of the obvious ovens and refrigerators. Hopefully, by the time you get to the end, your creative juices are flowing enough to get the ball rolling with a bespoke designer, like nonpareilsolutions.co.uk.

Keep Your Food Warm… In A Drawer

We’ve all encountered the problem of getting dinner ready and needing to keep it warm, often settling for the microwave hassle. With a warming drawer, you won’t have to worry about dinner delays, party serving issues, or being called away from your meal. Some warming drawers even go as far as to slow cook your food. This is a definite must-have for any tech-loving guru.

Watch the Edges

The envy of a lot of kitchens is the fancy set of knives, and how you store them is equally as important. Most budget range knife storage blocks are quite bulky and take up vital space on your work surface. If you want a storage solution that is high-flying, as well as considers safety – look no further than the retractable knife holder. Pushing in level with the work surface, with the push of a button your lavish knife set is revealed. This feature is sure to set your kitchen above the others.

Light it Up

The ability to see what we’re doing is very important when it comes to kitchens. So, make sure your luxury remodel considers lighting everywhere, from under and inside cabinets to under-bar lighting. When you host guests and want to take in all of your hard work, a showstopping central light would do just that.

Self-Service Drinks Station

Whether you’re gathering for drinks at the weekend or need an easy drink solution for the kids, this is a must-have. Built into the wall for convenience, you can serve a whole range of beverages from hot drinks for a perfect morning to alcoholic beverages. Never have to worry about watching peoples’ drink levels, just make sure you’ve filled the relevant drinks and you’re good to go – your kitchen will be the place to hang out.

Danger! Hot Water

You’ve filled a pan of boiling water and have to take it over to the stove when – ouch! You’ve just scalded yourself on steaming water. With this last addition, you can eliminate these scenarios by installing a pot filler directly above your stove – say goodbye to carrying boiling pans across the kitchen.

There you have it, a look at just 5 luxury items that your high-end kitchen needs to include. The next time you have your friends over, let your kitchen be the envy of their eyes. Now, what are you waiting for – take the next step towards your dream kitchen and hire a bespoke designer now.

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