Families are complicated at the best of times, let alone when going through divorces and other legal problems. It is often difficult to tell whether you are coming or going, whilst not knowing your rights can leave you at a significant disadvantage when it comes to negotiations. Just finding the right person to direct you in a time of crisis can help to make the whole process considerably easier and less stressful.

Facts and figures

Divorce rates in America dropped to a surprising 14.9 from every 1000 in 2019, the lowest level since 1970 when it stood at exactly 15. As a result, the average length of a marriage has increased by almost a full year, with Americans staying together for at least 19.8 years, despite the increase in stress brought on by lockdowns and a pandemic. However, between 40 and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce in America, meaning lawyers are always required to help people navigate these difficult spells in their lives, whether it is an argument over the custody of their children or even just ensuring everyone gets a fair slice of the pie. Even as far back as 2018, there were more than 700,000 divorces and annulments across America. All of these problems have their own little complications and caveats, so it is vital to know what your rights and entitlements are before instigating any legal proceedings.

Why Is this important?

It is vital to know what you are getting into when filing for divorce, as not knowing your fundamental rights could be critical to the chances of a positive future as you stand to lose far more than you would gain. You could see your family home torn from your grasp, whilst there is also the small matter of alimony and child support that could also be a factor. Eric Palacios & Associates Law Firm are experts in family law and aim to help you gain the best possible result with as little hassle as possible. Based in Las Vegas, they can be reached 24/7 and aim to give whatever guidance they can to help deal with the trials and tribulations that come with divorce.

Don’t let kids be the victims

Divorce can be an arduous time for everyone involved but no more so than when children get affected by the goings-on. In most cases, children are pulled from pillar to post, losing the stable home they need for development and will see time spent with either parent significantly decrease as divorce courts and parents push to look for a resolution and battle for an amicable resolution. Sometimes it is important to know how to minimize the damage, with most of them forced to choose between one parent or the other, leaving emotional scarring if it is a particularly fractious split. Sometimes a bit of help is required, so thankfully, most divorce lawyers and attorneys provide a sounding board to alleviate any concerns and help to come to the most suitable income that will put the least pressure on your family. Most importantly, they can give that all important peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.


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