Are you looking to stage a backyard transformation? 

In this day and age, we spend a lot of our spare time in the outdoor world. Whether it’s dining al fresco or lounging, outdoor time is incredibly coveted today. In fact, one study found that spending 20 minutes in a park is enough to improve our well-being. 

The good news?

Any backyard can be made to feel like a park with the right preparation and design. If you have a disgruntled backyard, now is the perfect time to stage a backyard transformation! 

Fortunately, this transformation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. To help, we’re sharing 8 simple tips and tricks on how to facilitate your very own backyard transformation. From an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit to a pergola and the best outdoor lighting, we’re covering it all. 

  1. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you eat, sleep and breathe cooking, you truly deserve that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming about! 

This is sure to improve your outdoor space and take your parties to the next level. With an outdoor kitchen, there’s no interior cleaning to stress about and fewer messes. Instead, it’s a simple clean-up even after the most impressive dinner parties! 

Remember, an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. When it comes to designing your very own outdoor kitchen, it’s your choice which cooking elements to include. For a more budget-friendly outdoor kitchen, you can simply combine an outdoor bar with a fridge and a sink. From here, you can add a simple BBQ or a charcoal grill for cooking. 

If you’re really looking to take it to the next level, it’s time to call in the big guns! With this, you can opt for anything from a pizza oven and a smoker to a gas stovetop and a large-scale fridge. 

  1. Build a Pergola 

If you have plenty of outdoor space, why not build a pergola? 

This is the perfect way to take your backyard to the next level! This is especially helpful for large-scale backyards that could benefit from smaller areas with added structure. While pergolas are traditionally constructed with wood, you can opt for whatever material you have available. 

Under a pergola, you can create a peaceful lounge space or even an outdoor dining area. This can be done by adding a large slab of concrete and cozying your space with area rugs and greenery. The goal is to create a separate space within your overall backyard. 

To make your pergola even more tranquil, be sure to illuminate your space with string lighting. These lights can be easily draped throughout the pergola columns and the pergola roof. 

  1. Add Lighting 

Who knew that refreshing your backyard could be as simple as adding new and improved lighting? 

To start your lighting journey, try draping string lights throughout your trees and your fence. You can also add string lights to your pergola and even to existing pieces of furniture. This is a simple means of illuminating your backyard and making it feel cozier on a budget. 

For more large-scale lighting, consider adding wall lighting to your fence or the rear of your home. While this type of lighting can be difficult to install, an electrician will be able to do this for you. Wall lighting traditionally calls for wall sconces or even lanterns. 

If you’re looking to light a pathway, be sure to plant a series of solar lights in your garden. These lights will automatically illuminate at night and will provide for intimate and energy-efficient lighting.

With solar energy, you can enjoy illumination without having to worry about increased energy bills. This is what has made solar lighting become one of the most popular outdoor lighting forms today. It’s no wonder the solar lighting industry is expected to be worth $10.8 billion by the year 2024! 

  1. Create an Outdoor Dining Area 

Let’s face it, all the best outdoor areas have a dedicated dining space. 

Whether it’s a picnic table or an official dining table, it’s crucial to have outdoor dining options. This is going to maximize the amount of time that you spend outside and allow you to make the most of your summer months. 

The good news is that an outdoor dining space doesn’t always require a large space. Instead, you can opt for a simple four-person table or even a small table with tuck-in benches. In small backyards, where there’s a will there’s a way! 

  1. Construct a Modern Fence 

Is the fence in your backyard old and decrepit? 

Amongst any backyard renovation, a new and modern fence is sure to make a world of difference. Not only will this make your backyard appear more fresh, but it’s also a great way to establish more privacy from your neighbours. 

The good news is that building a fence doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a few choice materials and a desire to learn, nearly anyone can construct a traditional fence in under a week. This is a great way to save money and learn an extremely useful skill. 

At the end of the day, building an entirely new fence won’t always fall within your budget. If you’re looking to keep your costs low, rest assured that constructing a new fence isn’t always necessary. This is especially the case for existing fences that still remain sturdy and effective. 

Instead, you can refresh your existing fence with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out these fence paints to get started. This is the perfect way to transform your fence without having to spend an arm and a leg! 

  1. Plant a Green Privacy Wall 

Does your backyard look directly onto your neighbours? 

Whether you’re in a row house or a detached home, it’s crucial to create a sense of privacy from your neighbours. In fact, privacy was rated as the number one most important feature in a backyard space. With a sense of privacy, you can enjoy your backyard space without having to worry about your neighbours. 

In most cases, a simple fence will be enough to create a sense of privacy. However, if you’re looking to take your privacy to the next level, a green privacy wall is incredibly helpful. For this, many homeowners will choose to intertwine ivy throughout their fence or plant solid hedges. 

Of course, a green privacy wall is going to make your backyard look beautiful and lush. But, it’s also going to fill the gaps that exist between your fence boards. When it comes to establishing privacy, a green privacy wall is a win-win! 

  1. Make Use of Patio Stone 

Whether your backyard is comprised of grass or gravel, the addition of patio stone is the perfect way to spruce it up. 

Of course, there are many ways to organize your patio stone. How you choose to organize your patio stone will depend on your budget, your desire and the size of your backyard. 

First and foremost, you can create a patio stone area that will become a dedicated sitting area. In a sense, this would act in a similar way to a traditional deck. This is perfect for those that don’t have the budget or the time to construct a wooden deck. 

On the other hand, you can construct your patio stone as a pathway to another area of your backyard. This is a simple way to outline different areas that exist within your backyard. 

  1. Add a Fire Pit Area 

If you’re really looking to add some fun to your backyard, why not construct a fire pit area? 

This is perfect for the summer months and will allow you to enjoy your backyard space well into the night. With this, you can search for a modern gas fireplace or opt for a traditional fire pit. 

Before choosing your fire pit, you’ll want to consider which area of your backyard is most suitable. From here, you’ll want to clear the area of trees, furniture or debris that could raise problems for future fires. 

Of course, many locales will require residents to possess a fire pit permit. This is why contacting your local municipality before purchasing a fire pit is crucial. With this, you’ll be able to determine the open-air burning laws of your area and how you can proceed. 

The Backyard Transformation of Your Dreams 

Of course, it’s only natural for your first backyard transformation to feel slightly intimidating. 

But, once you build a plan and gather your materials, you’re only steps away from the backyard of your dreams. From here, you can toast to the great outdoors and enjoy those warm summer months! 

From adding a fire pit and building a pergola to installing outdoor lighting and laying down patio stone, these small projects are sure to make the world of difference in your outdoor space. Go on, it’s time to build the backyard that you’ve always wanted! 

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