There is nothing like the look and feel of a new car. However, all too quickly the shine of your new pride and joy can (literally) disappear, when suddenly, your car doesn’t look as fresh and vibrant as it once did. In order to get your car back to its best once again, here are a few ideas that you can try yourself.

Take Care of Chips and Scratches

If your car has started to accumulate some chips and scratches over the years, now is the time to address this issue. The quickest and easiest way of going about this is giving a call to the professionals such as Of course, you also have the option of trying to fix them yourself, but you have to be entirely confident that you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you could easily risk making the problem worse.

Get Rid of Clutter

When you got your new car, it wouldn’t have been filled to the brim with coffee cups, take-out wrappers, and loose receipts! So, one of the simplest and obvious ways to make your car more like new is to dispose of the clutter that has accumulated over the months and years.

Clean the Car Thoroughly

If you usually just give your car a once over with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water, you may need to upgrade to a more thorough cleaning regime. You will need to ensure that you get into all the nooks and crannies that you may have been avoiding up until this point, such as the tyres. Also, you are going to need to service the interior as well in order to ensure that you complete the job properly. Take out the carpets and upholstery and give them a proper shampooing. Polish the plastic of the dashboard and get right into cleaning the trunk, too.

Invest in Some New Air Filters

One of the first features that many people notice about a new car is the smell. A great way of recreating that new-car freshness is to get some new air filters. As well as making the air more breathable in the vehicle itself, you also prevent dust and other allergens from building up and seeping out through the vents.

Think About Preservation

Once you have gone through all the hard work of getting your vehicle into a state that is as good as new, you don’t want it to return to the old ways. There are a few simple steps you can take to preserve this new look, including getting in some floor mats and seat covers. This way, you can take out these items and clean them rather than having to do the more challenging job of scrubbing the whole interior of the car.

Getting your car looking as good as new is a satisfying job, and certainly one that is worthwhile if you want to rediscover your love of driving once again.


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