Must-Have Items for Your Car Emergency Kit


With winter well on the way and already taking hold in some areas, the need for an emergency kit in your car is at an all-time high. Even in the best of weather, being prepared for the worst-case scenario is never a bad idea. Here is the ultimate list of must-have items for your car’s emergency kit. 

Absolute Necessities

The first thing you need is a durable canvas bag that’s large enough for you to store supplies in. This keeps any unwanted pests or moisture out. The first item you should place in this bag is a first aid kit, allowing you to handle any injuries that might arise. 

Bottled water is also an excellent idea, as are some granola or energy bars. You also need a car escape tool for cutting seatbelts and breaking windows, as well as a car fire extinguisher. Other necessities include jumper cables and an emergency car battery charger. The solar variety work best. 

For When You’re Stranded

Winter or summer, you never know when you might find yourself stranded due to car troubles. A no-sill gas can ensure you’re never stuck on empty, but you’ll need more than that to cover the many things that can go wrong with a car. 

Start with a car jack and a spare tire for flats. Inflation canisters are also an excellent idea for quick fixes. Roadside flares or glowsticks are legally required in some states, according to a car accident attorney. You’ll need a flashlight for nighttime fixes, too. Don’t forget extra batteries. 

A small tool kit featuring everything from screwdrivers to a wrench and vise grips is also highly advised. Spare care fuses, antifreeze, two quarts of oil, and washer fluid are also must-haves. You might also want a multipurpose tool. Finally, it never hurts to have a roll of duct tape handy. 

For When You’re Lost

On long trips, it can be easy to lose your way and have to come up with a makeshift plan. Since you never know where the road might take you, it’s important to identify your location when you’re lost. A GPS device is your best bet, but make sure to pack some road maps in case you don’t have the best satellite reception. 

Extra clothing, especially winter wear, is ideal as the night sets in. Blankets, sleeping bags, and toiletries are also necessities. You might want to pack hand sanitizer and small trash bags, as well. A personal injury lawyer also recommends extra shoes and gloves in case yours become wet. 

Having pen and paper handy can also help you navigate when you’re lost or come up with a safety plan. Finally, a cell phone charger can help you out of a bad situation as quickly as possible. You should always keep a spare one in your car. 

Safety First

This list might seem like a lot, but it can be the difference between a nightmare scenario and ensuring your safety. Create a checklist and ensure that each item is in your car, preferably in the trunk, in case of an emergency. 

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