Brady: Impeachment Tends to Destroy Everything We are Trying to Protect


Senior Republican Congressman Kevin Brady joined KPRC’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall to discuss House Democrats highly partisan impeachment inquiry, continued Republican efforts to pass the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA), and other efforts by the House Ways and Means Committee to improve healthcare for the American people.


On bipartisan efforts in the House Ways and Means Committee to lower healthcare costs for average Americans:

“I am pleased that for two years in a row under President Trump prices have gone down in the Affordable Care Act plans for the Houston area. People have almost double the choices they did before. I think that at least helps provide some relief, but we need to move on in a big way, and I think there’s two areas we can find common ground. Again, impeachment tends to destroy everything we are trying to protect. Work on ending surprise medical bills, which people get when they go to the emergency room or even for planned procedures they have. The second one is, I’m convinced we can find common ground on lowering drug prices in America, this is something—certainly on the Ways & Means Committee—Republicans and Democrats have spent most of the year trying to find common ground, we certainly have some work to do in that area, but I think it’d be great for people to have lower out-of-pocket costs and never worry about that two or three thousand dollar extra bill that they get that they can’t afford. Rather than impeachment, I think these are the problems we need to be solving.”

On how passing an updated trade deal with Mexico and Canada would benefit Texas: 

“The economy has gone very well, but right now I think the economy can grow even more workers, and that’s one of our biggest challenges for small businesses, and frankly any business, but we also need more customers for our companies here in Texas. That’s why this U.S.-Mex-Can trade agreement is so important to Texas and our region, but I’d argue that it’s important for Mexico, Canada, and the whole world to have a modernized trade agreement with the U.S. at the center of it.”

“So, for us, our biggest customers are Mexico and Canada. So much so, they are bigger than the next 10 countries combined. Not only do we sell a lot to them, but when you put the strengths of Mexico, our long-time trading partner, and Canada with US businesses, we’re able to compete better around the world with the Chinas, the Europes, and the others. So, families get goods that they can afford, our businesses sell more made in Texas goods to our two big trading partners, and then together we’re able to compete and win more around the world, it’s really a big win-win trade agreement.”

On the cost of delaying the passage of USMCA: 

“So, I’m hopeful [we can pass it] this year. I think it’s really crucial, because every day we delay we actually give an advantage to China and other countries. There’s a lot of bipartisan work that has been done, I’ve devoted most of the past year to this, as has Henry Cuellar, Democrat leader here from Texas as well. So, we’re hopeful we can get it to the President’s desk. It’s crucial and a lot of good work has been done.”



On the real reason behind the Democrats sham impeachment process:

“Here the central question is, has anything the President done, is that worth overturning the will of the American public and 60 million voters? And the answer is nothing close to that.”

“But if you read the transcripts, I know you did, you’re so smart, the favor he asked was for them to cooperate with the criminal investigations being done by the Justice Department about what began this whole fake Russia collusion issue. It wasn’t about the Biden investigation. So, I know you know that, but I’ll tell you this: Democrats, in my view, at the heart of this, and I think our friend Congressman Al Green sort of slipped up and told the truth when he said ‘I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach him, President Trump will be re-elected.’ I just don’t think you start a constitutional crisis for purely political reasons.” 

On how the “Do Nothing Democrats” are wasting time on this unprecedented inquiry and denying the American people real legislative solutions:

“The problem, again, impeachment drives away everything up in Congress. For example, Democrats have issued more subpoenas in the investigation than have passed laws to the President, including post office naming. My point is this, we’ve got to set aside some of the impeachment waste of time and really focus on immigration solutions, infrastructure, surprise medical bills. We’re capable of finding solutions.”

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