With over 400,000 firms in the US, how do you make your law office stand out? Should you go for a classic lawyer look with leather furniture? What will help your clients feel comfortable coming to see you?

Law office decor can attract clients, reflect your brand, and improve your mood. Below you’ll find five of our favorite tips for lawyers looking to spruce up their offices.

Law Office Decor Ideas

“Law decor” may have you thinking of a mini gavel or a set of scales. But there are ways to decorate your law office without hitting the nail too hard on its head.

Think about who you work for and what services you provide. How can your office reflect that?

Maybe you’re a family attorney who needs a cozy, child-friendly office. Or maybe you represent start-up companies. Would they appreciate the modern look of a minimalist design?

Blend the trends in your field of focus with your own preferences, too. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will be spending the most time in that space. So make it one you love.

1. Your Desk Is Your Focal Point

What does your desk say about you? Choose a functional desk that’s representative of who you are.

A huge, walnut desk may be too imposing for a disability lawyer. But a white, minimalist desk may seem scarce for a worker’s compensation attorney.

Whatever you choose, keep it clean. Let your computer legal pad, and lamp be your basic accessories.

Make sure all your pens and pencils are organized into a drawer or desktop container. And keep all your paper filed away into their respective folders.

2. Make It Cozy

You want your clients to enjoy coming to see you. Try to bring some natural light into your office. Open the curtains or move your furniture so that your clients face the window when they visit.

Plants will also make your space feel more inviting. Choose air-purifying varieties like spider plants or ZZ plants that are easy to care for.

Other cozy law office design tips? Add a throw rug or some art prints to bring in color and texture.

3. Add Some Legal Decor

Legal decor can quickly become cheesy or overdone, so limit these to one or two pieces. That being said, adding whimsy to your office lets your clients know they can relax around you.

A few law office decor ideas would be displaying your law degree in a nice frame. Or you could frame your favorite newspaper cartoon about lawyers.

If you’re steering clear of law-related decor, opt for decorative storage items. Patterned file holders, cute lamps, or striking furniture are great law office decorations.

4. Think about Flow

Your law office design matters, too. How will clients move through your office? Is it hard for them to know where to sit or how to get there?

Is your back facing them when they walk into your office? And what about you? Are the files and supplies you need within reach?

These are all things to consider when you think about the flow of your workspace.

5. Maximize Storage, Minimize Mess

Finally, every attorney knows that files, books, and papers can pile up. You need to make sure you have a smart storage system in place to minimize the clutter.

If you’re using filing cabinets, can you switch from beige to white or grey? Try to make it so all your furniture pieces either match or complement one another.

Make Your Space Work for You

Your law office doesn’t have to be stuffy. And figuring out ways to bring in law office decor can be fun and rejuvenating! If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your office for a while, consider these five tips as you do so.

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