5 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity & Boost Performance


Employee productivity tends to translate to a company’s success. Yes, employees are a crucial asset to any business- just as vital as the product or service portfolio for the company. That means that their productivity or lack thereof can make or break the business. It is, therefore, necessary to keep track of employee productivity and find ways to increase productivity. Here are some tips to boost employee productivity and boost performance:

Make the workplace conducive for working

A conducive work environment boosts productivity. Provide optimal working conditions that will encourage the employee’s morale to work. Ensure that the office has plenty of natural light to help them focus while at work. You could bring in more life in the office space by having greenery or flowers to make the office more appealing for the occupants.

Optimize meetings

Employees spend a significant chunk of their time in meetings. In some cases, they could end up being unproductive discussions that eat up valuable time that could have gone into more productive use. Where possible, try to use emails instead. Emails are faster, more precise and make it possible to communicate a lot of information within a short time.

Also, you could try to reduce the number of meetings by only holding necessary meetings. In the gatherings, ensure that all the attendees are vital to the meeting so that other employees do not waste time on meetings that do not directly concern them. Also, put a cap on the time spent in each forum to avoid time wastage.

Make the workplace fun

When your team has fun, everything else will seem to fall in place. Build a productive and fun work environment by introducing games. Games are usually a much-welcomed addition to an otherwise hectic workday. Allowing your team to play games has a host of benefits. It helps to improve cognitive functions, manage stress, encourage teamwork, boost employee morale, increase adaptability and can help you retain the best talents.

Introducing games to the office is not as counterintuitive as most people would think. You can introduce tabletop RPG games. Just assemble miniatures from vendors like Archvillain games and you are good to start playing. Have weekly tournaments, morning challenges or midday game breaks. You will be shocked at how many positive effects a little friendly competition can have on your team.

Improve communication

Communication is necessary for collaboration and teamwork in the office. With collaboration comes optimal productivity and efficiency. Improve office communication by finding ideal communication tools for your company. Know how your employees respond best and leverage those channels of communication. Have office parties and organize team-building activities to encourage the employees to work as effective teams. That goes a long way towards boosting performance.

Encourage self-care

Your employees can not pour from empty cups. When they take care of themselves, they will be most likely to perform their tasks and projects better. Notify your employees of all health benefits available to them and encourage them to make use of them. Go the extra mile and offer self-care courses to help them manage everyday stress and learn beneficial self-care techniques. Show them that you appreciate their input by highlighting their achievements.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ways to improve employee productivity in your workplace. Try some of them to boost productivity and see your profit margin start to skyrocket !

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