A Quick Guide to Organizing That Big Corporate Event


Although virtual events have become the order of the day, on-site corporate events are still highly relevant in society. Whether offline or online, every successful event starts with proper planning. And for one featuring several dignitaries, you want to ensure you plan with the highest level of care and security in mind.

Below is a guide to planning your large-scale corporate event to position it for success.


·       Be on the Same Page With All Executives

Whether you’re the event project manager or event planner, you need to be in tune with the corporation’s key players so that you all have a common goal, timeline, and expectations. This will also avail all the information and resources you need, including a budget, venue, creative direction, and lots more. Failure to be in sync with all executives might result in critical decisions not being finalized on time that bear greatly on the event’s success.


·       Pick a Venue Best Suited for the Event’s Objective

Venue matters, just as its location. For starters, you want to find a space, like an open field or massive auditorium, large enough to contain the expected crowd while offering optimal comfort.

If the corporate event is intended to draw attendees from different cities, its location should be within an urban space, possibly with a tourist appeal.


·        Secure the Area

A vital step while planning a large-scale corporate event is to put efficient security in place. There will be dignified guests, speakers, and attendees, and without a sense of safety and security, you might get some disappointment. There may be people with criminal intentions or fans of the guests who would do all they can to have physical contact with the VIP.

It’s therefore imperative to hire patrol services and crowd control to deter such attendees from pulling stunts. The sight of armed men in uniforms can be a silent deterrent to individuals with uncivil intentions.


·        Have Back Up for Every Emergency

The most unfortunate thing that can happen to your on-site corporate event is for something to go wrong without having a backup, such as a power failure. To avoid the agitation that might follow, ensure you go over all your essentials and have at least one functional backup. If a guest doesn’t show up, have someone else on standby who can engage the crowd.


·       Put Up Signage and Emergency Exits

Although no one desires it, accidents can happen. Fire outbreak, someone collapsing, gunshots, fights, or some other problem might arise in the course of your corporate event. To avoid a stampede, ensure there are multiple emergency exits and clear signage to direct the attendees.

You should also clearly designate toilets, registration points, potential hazards, restricted areas, etc.



Things can go wrong during your corporate event—things you never imagined, things that would prove entirely abortive. To ensure your corporate event ends up successful despite any mishap, brainstorm for possible worst-case scenarios and plan accordingly.

There may be things you don’t even expect, such as bad weather, running out of refreshments, running out of seats, the speaker getting stuck in traffic, etc. The moment you realize that these things can happen, take proactive steps, and you’d be surprised how you seem to have a solution for whatever problem arises.

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