How to Choose the Right Type of Steel for Machine Productions


Galvanized steel is a metal with an additional coating used in both industrial and manufacturing sectors. The manufacturer can guarantee maximum protection of the product due to the thick zinc coating of the sheet.

The raw material used in the production is the classic steel sheets (most often supplied in coils), coated on top of zinc grade.  The product is processed on all sides, and the coating thickness depends on the requirements of GOST, the creation of which was based on the moisture content in the place of application of galvanized steel.

Galvanizing Methods

Galvanizing is processed on special hot-dip galvanizing equipment. It is the most convenient, frequently used, and economically optimal method of galvanizing.

The galvanized sheet is cultivated in several stages. First of all, it is roasted. Then, a sheet is put into a tank with molten zinc. After that, excess zinc drains off the sheet. The next stage is cooling finished products in the air or water. Thus, a sheet zinc-coated gets excellent corrosion-resistance properties. It is preserved by oiling or passivation or by using both procedures simultaneously to protect the metal better.

The hot-dip galvanizing process is not only economical but also highly productive. After galvanizing procedure, the product has all the properties of stainless steel.

Why Choose Galvanized Coiled Metal

Production technology of painted and galvanized sheets is the same. Processing of the product is necessary because non-protective metal coating reacts with oxygen in the air, forming corrosion. Since the corrugated board’s thickness does not exceed 2 mm, rust can damage the covering in less than a year.

Manufactures cannot do without galvanizing material. Even though the coating thickness is less than a millimeter, it provides reliable protection against rust.

On top of a layer of zinc can be applied a colorful polymer coating. Such coated sheet resists corrosion and has a long service life (35-40 years), even in high humidity conditions. A unique technology applies high-quality coating in production conditions.

How to Choose the Galvanized Steel

Choosing galvanized plate, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand and the material’s price. It is better not to buy cheap galvanized steel sheets under unknown trademark — in most cases thickness of the protective coating will be less than necessary. It is also possible that the zinc was applied economically to the detriment of quality — such protection will not be durable.

Factors that affect the quality of steel:

  • the product width and its thickness;
  • type of steel used;
  • coating thickness (low, standard, high);
  • the pattern on the product surface;
  • galvanizing quality.

When choosing galvanized sheets, it is also necessary to take into account the steel extension. The generally accepted marking is given below:

D — deep;

N — normal;

VD — very deep.

How to Store Galvanized Steel Coils

Galvanized steel sheets should be transported and stored by accepted standards. After production, the galvanized coil is packed in a bundle to avoid damage, and their sides should be protected. The weight of a roll or a bundle shall not exceed 10 tons.

Galvanized steel sheet is hot-dip galvanized and has all the technical specifications described in GOST 14918-80. Galvanization is single- or double-sided. According to the standard, the size of this kind of product should be within the following limits: width — 710 to 1500 mm, thickness — 0,4 to 1,5 mm.


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