Dating A Book Lover- 5 Ways To Impress Your Partner


Dating a book lover can be an exhilarating experience as you get to learn a lot from your partner. You become more informed and may even end up becoming a voracious reader yourself. But what does it take to impress a partner who is all into books? You cannot expect them to be happy with flowers, music, and surprise dates. The answer sounds easy as you can simply gift them a book or two from their favorite writer often. However, impressing a book lover takes a lot more because well-read people expect outside-the-box ideas from their partners. Here are some impressive ones to try.

Avoid pretending
The most important thing to do is avoid pretending that you are a literary genius if you aren’t. It may be a simple move to match the expectations of your dating partner, but you will end up doing more harm than good. A relationship thrives on honesty, so be true about being a novice. Of course, you can develop an interest in books down the line. But steer clear of trying to be what you aren’t.

Ask what they are reading currently
A book lover will always be on a project, essentially, reading a book. Ask them directly or try to get things out in the flow of the conversations. For some readers, it is an intimate question and they may be hesitant to share the answer. But being persuasive shows you are genuinely interested in your partner. Sooner or later, they will appreciate your keen interest in their current projects.

Figure out their favorites
This one is a no-brainer as you must figure out your partner’s favorites so that you can choose the perfect gift for them. Proceed with caution here again because they will probably take time to open up. Expanding your literary knowledge will help you hit the sweet spot fast. Inquire about their favorite author and genres to understand their likes and dislikes. Someone into Cancel Culture will love related literature, and you cannot impress them with romance. Likewise, you can consider picking their favorite writers as you discuss books and buy gifts.

Seek recommendations
Once you are in a relationship with a book lover, you will probably want to nurture the love for reading. You can use their knowledge to your advantage and seek recommendations. You may even ask them to share a book or two from their collection. Their recommendations can give you a great start with reading. You will also learn more about the literary taste and preferences of your partner.

Think beyond books
Don’t make it just about books with your partner. Let them see your side of life and learn what you love. If they are into you, they will want to know you as much as you want to know them. Also, ask your partner about other things they enjoy doing. You will probably find common ground somewhere, making it easy to have a shared interest with your partner.

Dating a book-lover is easier than it sounds as you need not become a voracious reader to impress them. Just understand their likes and dislikes, and make sure you follow what they read.

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