The Different Ways People Play Lacrosse


There are multiple main kinds of lacrosse played worldwide, modifications for women and men, for non-contact and contact versions, outdoor and indoor, like box lacrosse, and different fields. Below is a list of the different ways people play lacrosse:

Box Lacrosse

Indoor lacrosse, (box lacrosse) is a lacrosse variant played indoors. Box lacrosse usually is played by 2 teams with 6 players on each team. The team comprises a goalkeeper, and 5 runners. The 5 runners are the defenders, transition players, and forwards.

The goal includes using a racket that has a long handle to pass, carry, as well as catch the ball in order to score. Players can make points by throwing a rubber, solid ball into the opposite team’s goal.

This version of lacrosse is a fast-paced sport due to the shot clock, giving teams a mere 30 seconds to get the shot on goal once the team gains possession. There also is no out of bounds; therefore, play may go on without stopping.

Field Lacrosse

This is an outdoor, full contact, men’s lacrosse variant. In field lacrosse there are ten players on each team. The field is usually 110 yards in length by 60 yards in width. A triangular-handled racket is utilized to carry a rubber ball across the field. The ball weighs 140 to 149 grams. The racket’s triangular head is utilized to carry the ball to score inside the opponent’s goal.

Every team in men’s lacrosse contains 10 players, usually positioned around the field as 3 attack men, 3 midfielders, 3 defensemen and one goalie. Midfielders may cover the full field. Attack men and defensemen have to remain on their respective parts of the midfield line so that there aren’t more than 6 offensive players on a defending side. A defenseman may cross the midfield line onto the offensive side while he is carrying the ball so long as the midfielder remains behind the midfield line. According to the rules, the rubber ball must be moving at all times.

Women’s Lacrosse

Also called lax or wlax, women’s lacrosse is a limited-contact lacrosse variant. The goal of this sport includes using a racket with a long-handle, to pass, catch, and carry the rubber ball to score by throwing the rubber ball to the opposite team’s goal.

This version of lacrosse gets played by 2 teams with 12 players each. Usually, each team consists of 3 attackers, 5 midfielders, 3 defenders, and a goalkeeper.


This version is a non-contact, modified lacrosse version. The sport also is referred to as pop lacrosse, modcrosse, sofcrosse, or soft stick lacrosse. The sport’s non-contact nature enables it to be utilized at a developmental level that transitions players into lacrosse.

This version gets played with equipment that is similar to that of lacrosse, yet with small variations in the ball and sticks used.

It’s played both outdoors and indoors, on a field that’s 40 m by 20 m, with 5 players on each team. Goal posts are of the same size as box lacrosse. The quantity of players and match length are the same as with lacrosse.

Since it’s non-contact in nature, various tournaments adopt different rules for facilitating possession changes. Some instances are, players can’t hold the ball for over 5 seconds, or fix a minimum quantity of passes before taking the shot to goal. 


This is an equestrian discipline sport which may be best defined as a combination of polo and lacrosse.

Polocrosse gets played on a field between 2 teams with 6 players on each team. The field is 60 by 160yards, split into 3 zones, 30-yard goal line on both sides and 100-yard middle zone.

All of the players move around on the field by horseback. Players utilize cane or fiberglass sticks that have a threaded net on one part to carry the ball. The ball is 4” in diameter designed of sponge rubber.

A match gets played in periods called chukkas. A chukka can last for 6 to 8 minutes, and a match may be played for four, six, or eight chukkas. The team of 6 gets split into 2 sections of 3 players each, with each section alternating play during every chukka. The 3 players play in 3 different positions, defense, midfield, and attack. The aim of Polocrosse includes carrying the ball with the sticks and throwing it through the opposing team’s goal posts. The team scoring the most goals will win the match.

And there you have it! The five main types of lacrosse that are played around the world, with different modifications for females and males, versions with contact and without, outdoor and indoor versions and different field lengths.

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