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With the 3% decrease in employee engagement globally in 2022, organizations are looking for ways to promote high levels of staff engagement. Can automation help?

Deloitte analysis says that adopting intelligent automation can improve the employee experience by 23%. And better employee experience leads to higher levels of employee engagement.

In this article, we’ll discuss how automation can support employee engagement and how a PDF editor like Lumin can help with automation. Happy reading!

Measuring Employee Engagement

To identify and handle issues or trends within your organization faster, measuring employee engagement is required. But engagement is fluid and personal, so it should be measured in real-time and three to four times a year. Measuring these engagements more than once a year helps you know if a staff’s engagement level has changed.

Effectively measuring employee engagement requires measurement tools like surveys. But instead of using lengthy surveys, you can use automated pulse surveys.

Pulse surveys help workers give accurate answers. It also helps organizations increase the frequency of measuring engagement. However, it’s ideal to use other tools because relying only on surveys won’t give you precise and insightful results.

Employers can also measure employee engagement by nurturing a long-lasting and measurable impact assessment. You can see this engagement with the following:

  1. Prioritizing retention of workers before any evaluation.
  2. Creating assessment programs and tools to gauge existing culture in real time.
  3. Encouraging a feedback culture so workers can feel heard.
  4. Showing leaders how to be genuine and sensitive to a staff.
  5. Getting information from those whose values will shape the organization’s culture in the future.
  6. Creating a work environment where employees are not working 24/7.

Additionally, you need to have a document management system so that you can easily access data on staff engagement levels at any time. This ensures you don’t miss critical data.

For instance: A worker might give responses that suggest they’re happy in one quarter but answer otherwise in another.

Having access to this feedback gives you an accurate picture of engagement levels at different times.

Automation for Human Resource Systems

Automating Human Resource (HR) systems offer so many benefits, like enhancing data-driven decision-making, improving transparency, and boosting faster responses.

Aside from these, HR personnel can also create better employee experiences with automation—These benefits help improve staff engagement.

Here are more benefits of automating HR Systems:

  1. Increases file and data security with document management software.
  2.  Minimizes opportunity for errors.
  3. Improves Process performance, e.g. generating payroll reports.
  4. Improves workflow by building consistency across the business.

Automating HR systems doesn’t mean there will be zero human interaction. This simply means that processes that are repetitive and simple are automated. Examples of processes and tasks that can be automated are:

  1. Scheduling leave for staff.
  2. Documentation of leave requests.
  3. Generating payroll reports.
  4. Closing out terminated employees’ payroll
  5. Sending contracts. (Also, contracts can be stored and retrieved at any time with a contract management system.)
  6. Capturing and tracking staff working hours.
  7. Scheduling interviews.
  8. Sending welcome letters and onboarding materials.

Employee Engagement and Automation

Lack of purpose, spending time on meaningless tasks, and not feeling heard are some of the reasons why employee engagement level is low. Automation can boost the level of employee engagement by reducing repetitive and manual tasks that workers spend time on.

In addition, automation can help the HR team to make data-driven decisions and give feedback to workers faster. HR personnel can also use PDF reading software to educate workers on how important their jobs are—this will give them purpose.

Other ways automation can support employee engagement include:

1. Improving Personal Development

Acquiring new skills can boost employee engagement. This means that organizations need to provide online materials or courses for training. With the help of PDF viewers, workers can access these courses on any device at their convenience.

2. Tracking Employee Performance

Automation tools can help in tracking and monitoring workflow. With automated check-ins, managers see how workers are handling tasks.

Also, managers can easily evaluate workers’ performance at the end of the month and give the necessary feedback. This improves employee engagement by giving workers a sense of purpose and a better relationship with their leaders.

3. Improving Communication

Transparent, honest, and constant communication fosters interaction between workers. This leads to a high level of employee engagement because workers will have a sense of belonging.

Automated communication tools like Twilio can help employees easily send texts, and make audio or video.

4. Encouraging Collaborations and Teamspirit

Most online PDF Editors allow organizations to manage important documents and collaborate across departments or teams. This encourages teamwork and improves the engagement level of workers.

5. Boosting Fast Response

With automation, workers can give feedback on how they feel. This will help an organization identify and de-escalate issues—doing this improves staff engagement.

Furthermore, HR teams can collect data that will help in analyzing employee experience.

Lumin PDF and Automation

PDF editing software like LuminPDF has a centralized, digital workspace that helps organizations to manage and share PDF documents across departments or teams. This allows you to automate workflow.

In addition, LuminPDF has a compress PDF tool that can help organizations to compress large files for easy access online. Lumin’s convert PDF software can help with converting documents from the PDF format to editable files.

For personal growth, workers can use a PDF tool to access online learning resources provided by their organizations.

Wrapping Up 

Automation can help HR teams make data-driven decisions that will increase staff engagement. Not only will this help workers give their best to the growth of the organization, but it will also boost staff retention.

More so, workers will feel more connected to team members with the help of automated communication systems.

Lumin’s latest features can help your organization improve workers’ engagement through personal development. Contact us today to get started.

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