In this Era of Market Turmoil, Instantly Search, Slice and Dice Terabytes of Securities Data with Ease


By Elizabeth Thede, Special for The Daily Blaze

This case study demonstrates how a dtSearch enterprise software customer succeeded in upgrading its text retrieval deployment to optimize its end-users’ ability to quickly sift through securities market data. End-users need the power to instantly search as well as “slice and dice” terabytes of securities market data with maximum speed and convenience.

dtSearch customer directEDGAR deployed dtSearch to instantly search terabytes of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR data in directEDGAR’s commercial software application. EDGAR is the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. “EDGAR is the primary system for submissions by companies and others required by law to file information with the SEC,” explains the SEC. “EDGAR benefits investors, corporations, and the U.S. economy overall by increasing the efficiency, transparency, and fairness of the securities markets.”

Because of the size of the EDGAR database, directEDGAR end-users wanted the ability not only to search across the full-text data, but also to filter the data in dozens of different ways in accordance with specific financial industry, corporate governance, academic and other research requirements. Additionally, directEDGAR users wanted the ability to extract text from the larger dataset.

directEDGAR used dtSearch’s core development product, the dtSearch Engine, to implement these granular search filtering and data extraction options. The dtSearch Engine can instantly search, with over 25 different search options, terabytes across a wide variety of different data types and data platforms. Apart from searching, the dtSearch Engine also has its own proprietary document filters for data parsing, extraction, conversion and display of different online and offline data types.

To implement these new features, directEDGAR turned to AppsPlus, an experienced dtSearch Engine developer specializing in data-intensive projects. AppsPlus has a long track record of dtSearch Engine custom development projects for clients ranging from multibillion dollar IT and telecom companies to the US Government.

“We leveraged two critical pieces of the architecture dtSearch offers in ways that we had never imagined before,” said the founder of directEDGAR. “First, dtSearch allows us to filter search results based on our proprietary document archive structure. This allows researchers, for example, to directly generate event study search results in one step.”
“Second, as we progress towards a world informed by AI, a critical step to developing AI models relies on the input of raw data,” continued directEDGAR’s founder. “We are quite excited to offer this extraction capability to our client base – they can run a search and directly use the output for their AI modeling without any intermediate steps.”

dtSearch enterprise and developer products instantly search terabytes of “Office” files, PDFs, compression formats, emails with multilevel nested attachments, databases and Internet or Intranet data. dtSearch software can run “on premises” or in a cloud environment like Azure or AWS. Because dtSearch can instantly search terabytes, many dtSearch customers are large enterprises like Fortune 100 companies and federal, state and international government agencies. But even if you just want to search your own data, dtSearch is there for you.

You can download a fully-functional 30-day evaluation version to instantly search terabytes at If you are looking for dtSearch Engine custom development work, please see And please visit for details on directEDGAR’s state-of-the-art SEC Edgar analysis software.


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