Intellectual Conformity: The Core of Our Crises


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed John D. O’Connor.

Americans today face serious problems on every major front, economic, military, cultural, intellectual and border. Our macroeconomy is disintegrating as our banking system becomes increasingly unsteady. Our personal wealth diminishes with the cruel tax of inflation and declining 401k balances. Our younger citizens face a dystopian present with worse prospects for the future. Millions of uneducated immigrants illegally cross our border, straining our welfare resources. In the face of this, our reckless spending on ineffective climate remedies exacerbates all of the foregoing. Our country’s enemies are gaining strength by the day, as Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, our allies, are existentially threatened. Is there a core cause underlying all of the above? If there is anything common to all of these problems, it is imposed intellectual conformity, which causes liberal citizens of good faith and strong principle to remain silent and, worse, follow sheepishly in actions that defy common sense. This conformity begins in our college level educational institutions, and is enforced by the media, government and NGOs. A bit of outspoken common sense could have decried our country’s recent deliberately inflationary policies, and could have convinced President Biden of the political backing to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine rather than dithering and cowering until the brave Ukrainians forced our sensible support, however one might now debate the appropriate share of support versus the EU. True liberals, like true conservatives, have sound ideas and principles. But unlike conservatives, liberals are intimidated by Progressives from, yes, speaking truth to power when their sensible thoughts would be most helpful. If we do not recognize the disease of enforced intellectual conformity, we will never cure it.

Kevin Price introduces Price of Business show recurring guest, John D. O’Connor. O’Connor was the famed attorney of Watergate’s “Deep Throat. 
According to “O’Connor served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern California from 1974-1979, representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases. Among his interesting assignments have been representation of the government during the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970s; writing Fifth Amendment and “state of mind” briefs for the prosecution in United States v. Patricia Hearst; representing the FDIC, FSLC and RTC during the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s; representing California Attorney General Dan Lungren in campaign-related litigation; defending R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in significant smoking and health litigation; representing Coach Don Nelson in litigation with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban; and representing W. Mark Felt regarding the revelation of his identity as Deep Throat.”

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