Kateryna Chaban was Awarded in the Category _World Recognition_


Honorary sports figure Kateryna Chaban became the winner in the first category “World Recognition”. She bears the high title of Honored Trainer on the territory of Ukraine

Kateryna Chaban was awarded in the category “World Recognition”

On December 22, 2018 a colorful ceremonial event dedicated to awards in various categories was organized in Kiev in which Ukraine’s most honored sports figures, athletes and coaches took part. The event was held at the largest sports arena of the National sports complex “Olympiyskiy”, where football matches, track and field competitions and other cultural and entertainment events were held previously. 

Ceremonial event with lots of most honored figures of Ukraine. 

This unforgettable event called “Sports constellation of Ukraine” is known to many. 

Classic winners, traditionally defined in the following categories: 

  • “Worldwide recognition”, 
  • “For dedication”, 
  • “Best sports event organizer 2018”, 
  • “Team of the year 2018”, “Coach of the year 2018” and 
  • “Champion of the year 2018”. 

Honorary sports figure Ekaterina Chaban (Kateryna Chaban) became the winner in the first category “Worldwide recognition”. 

She holds the high title of Honored coach on the territory of Ukraine, honorary coach of the Ukrainian national team of the All-Ukrainian cheerleading Federation. The national team of Ukraine under the management of Ekaterina Chaban for the past three years has taken part in the most authoritative and popular competitions of not only Europe, but the whole world. At the same time, her students almost always won honorary prizes: 

  • In 2016, the athletes won second place in the ECU European Performance Cheer Doubles Championships 2016 (Vienna, Austria); 
  • In 2017, Ekaterina Chaban’s students won an honorary second place in the ICU World Cheerleading Championship 2017 (Orlando, USA), as well as first place in the ECU European Performance Cheer Doubles Championships 2017 (Steenwijk, Netherlands) and an honorary first place in the University World Cup Cheerleading Championships 2017 (Orlando, USA) which is a world cheerleading championship among all university students. 
  • In 2018, taking part in the famous European championship “XV Elite Cheerleading Championship 2018”, Ekaterina Chaban and her athletes won first place, and took second place in the ECU European Performance Cheer Doubles Championships 2018 (Helsinki, Finland). 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this year Ekaterina Chaban was awarded by the state. She now holds the high title of “Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine”, with which she was personally congratulated on and awarded by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. 

We congratulate Ekaterina Chaban and her students on their honorable achievements, and wish the athletes to attain even greater heights, set new milestones, while their hard work and perseverance will bring the desired results.

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