New Book Reveals Life in the US Naval Academy for First Black Female Graduate

No Coincidences: Reflections of the First Black Female Graduate of the United States Naval Academy

“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous” is a quote shared in numerous versions throughout the centuries. No Coincidences: Reflections of the First Black Female Graduate of the United States Naval Academy dispels this myth of anonymity through a series of personal vignettes rooted in the rural South and the U.S. Naval Academy. As the first black woman to enter and graduate from Annapolis, the author confronts issues of race and gender through a faith grounded in the simple premise that “God has a plan for us all; if we submit to His will, we need not fear. We are prepared and protected.”

From the Author:

“We must talk to one another and truly listen. And by listen, I mean attempt to understand one another’s perspective and to empathize with each other’s feelings. We have to shed the bonds of misinformation and fear that rob us of the opportunity to truly know one anotherand just talk. The conversation may be uncomfortable and may unleash a flurry of emotions, but these feelings should never be impediments to openly sharing perspectives and feelings. Without this honest discourse, we will continue with the illusion of progress, that results in total astonishment when certain realities in our culture rear their ugly heads.”

About the Author

Janie L. Mines entered Annapolis—the U.S. Naval Academy— in 1976 as the only African American female in the first class of women.  After leaving the military and corporate America, she continued to serve her country as the Senior Advisor, Business Process, in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy. She currently serves on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) and is an independent executive management consultant. As a Sloan Fellow she earned an MBA from the Alfred P. Sloan School of Business Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Ms. Mines founded and managed a non-profit organization for over 10 years serving socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescent boys in the community.  She won numerous awards and was selected to carry the Olympic torch. She has maintained her relationship with the U.S. Naval Academy throughout the decades and continues to positively impact the lives of midshipmen and naval officers through her mentorship and ongoing support.

About the Book

“I was immensely riveted by Janie’s intensely personal reflections, in her book.  As one of the Naval Academy’s true trailblazers, her life’s internal fortitude and brilliant intellect shines throughout her book. Thank you, Janie, for this MUST-READ powerful personal testimony that honestly shares the very private aspects of your life that have led to all of your achievements! Congratulations!”
—Kerwin E. Miller, Esq., graduate, U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1975

A searingly honest personal narrative about her Naval Academy experience put in the context of the lessons learned in her childhood. Her tremendous respect for the institution and the Navy is clear, and her focus is on the wisdom and strength gained through adversity. I am very proud of my friend and classmate!
—Sandy Daniels, graduate, U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1980

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