Massacres Alter the Way Individuals Conduct themselves in Public


Remedy Review surveyed 1,000 individuals to find how news of gun violence affects mental health and behavior in public places. Participants were asked about how they feel in public, if they think about shootings when in crowds, and if they are more likely to identify exits because of recent mass shootings.

Remedy Review found that people are more anxious in public places, and some people have changed their behavior to avoid crowds because of recent shootings.

Snapshot of results

Has news of mass shootings made you more anxious in public places?

  • 65.95% said Yes

Do you think about the potential for a shooting when you are in public?

  • 69.11% said Yes

Because of mass shootings, are you more aware of exits in public places?

  • 69.86% said Yes

Have you changed your habits in recent years because of news of mass shootings?

  • 60.18% said No

The survey also found, despite the fact that mass shootings represent a small percentage of total gun deaths in the country, more than half of Americans surveyed (55%) believe they or someone they care about will eventually be affected by a mass shooting.

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