New Keto Brain and Body Boost offers Ketones without the Fat


There are metabolic benefits of the popular ketogenic diet, but the regimen requires a high-fat diet, which is unhealthy in the long term for a variety of well-established reasons. With the new Keto Brain and Body Boost formula from Life Extension, health conscious people can get fuel for mind and muscles without the drawbacks associated with high fat intake.

“This is a novel formula that allows you to obtain the metabolic benefits of ketones, that fuel muscular and cognitive function without increasing blood sugar and alleviating the hassle and long-term health concerns associated with the keto diet. It increases ketones in the body to support healthy energy levels, metabolism and weight,” said Michael A. Smith, M.D., Life Extension director of education.

The company’s Keto Brain and Body Boost is a flavorful, ready-to-mix powder that contains ketones and other clinically studied ingredients that may help the body to take advantage of the metabolic efficiency of ketones. The formula’s bioactive ketone, β-hydroxybutyrate, encourages mental clarity and muscle performance, while mangiferin from mango extract promotes ketogenesis, facilitating increases in plasma ketone levels.

Keto Brain and Body Boost also supports a feeling of fullness and promotes healthy, prolonged energy with FiberSmart® from Advanced Ingredients LLC. FiberSmart®, is an all-natural, plant-based soluble fiberfermented by gut bacteria, which helps provide a slow, steady amount of energy for the body and further supports ketone production.

A placebo-controlled study showed higher levels of plasma ketones were associated with improvements in cognitive function in adults as compared with placebo.

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