Nimrod Santo Talks About The Business Trends That Will Emerge Out Of COVID-19


Nimrod Santo, a business developer, direct-response marketer, and online entrepreneur, is weighing in on the conversation: what are the business Trends that will emerge out of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has transformed the business landscape, and it’s not over yet. The shifts in business trends have been monumental, and we’re expecting more shifts to come our way.
Nimrod Santo, a business developer, direct-response marketer, and online entrepreneur, is weighing in on the conversation. This business guru has been keeping a close eye on the business trends, and is sharing more about where things are today, and what business trends will emerge out of COVID-19.

Business Developer Nimrod SantoNimrod, tell us about yourself.

I’m entrenched in the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship. I work as a business developer, direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur. My passion in life is using my extensive personal experiences to help others achieve their goals in these industries.

Some of my specialities include Facebook ad campaigns, branding, social media marketing, and using native ad platforms to drive traffic. In my spare time, I love to surf and travel.

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What are some of the ways COVID-19 has changed the business landscape.

Oh man, where to start? Well firstly, we’ve obviously seen a huge shift to a remote workforce. Many people are working from home in at least some capacity, which is unprecedented.

We’re also seeing big shifts for people who conduct business in-person, or with large groups. Real estate viewings, big conferences, the entertainment industry… all of these types of business are really altered right now.

What are some of the economic impacts right now?

I really feel for small business owners at the moment, because the current situation is really a huge weight for many industries. Plenty of businesses have had to reduce their staffs or close down entirely, which I know is difficult for a lot of people. If that’s you, know that there’s always a way to move forward, even if you’re suffering right now.

Even for companies which are well adjusted, there are also big economic implications. Some of the largest companies in the country have had to layoff thousands of employees. We’re seeing some really staggering numbers about the economic impacts.

How has COVID-19 altered digital marketing practices?

Advertising is changing. The old digital marketing rulebook is out the window. But look, it’s a rulebook that is fast-changing anyway, right?

Digital marketing trends are always changing, adapting, and being updated. But the COVID-19 digital practices are pretty particular.

You need to make sure your copy isn’t tone-deaf to social distancing and working from home, for example. You need to make sure your audience still needs whatever you’re advertising, or you need to adapt a new use for your product or business.

What business trends do you think will emerge out of COVID-19?

I think a great deal of the workforce will continue to work from home indefinitely, as businesses realize that their workforce can be just as effective from home, which saves everyone’s time and money in the long run. And there are other business trends which I think are here to stay.

Social media shopping, which has skyrocketed in popularity, will probably stay as popular as it is, or experience even more growth. And the pandemic is great for e-commerce.

While we already loved getting things delivered to our door, the reliance on e-commerce has definitely intensified during the pandemic, and I think that trend is here to stay.

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