Real Estate Investor Completes Charity Housing Project in Mexico


The meteoric rise of social media platform TikTok has had a number of consequences. Thousands of content creators have made millions off of the site, which allows users to upload videos and create followings of dedicated fans. While it’s hard to deny how TikTok has benefited the musicians, actors, and even financial gurus on the site, the platform has also allowed for the explosive growth of unique crowdfunding and charitable projects.

Darren Hatch’s “Mexico House Project” perfectly illustrates TikTok’s capacity for helping content creators change their world for the better. Hatch markets himself as a real estate investment guru who made the journey “from Wall Street to real estate investor.” He speaks both English and Spanish and regularly shares real estate investment tips with his 360,000 followers.

Around Christmas, Hatch began a project to build a home for a family in Mexico. He shared a video detailing the small families troubles to his TikTok account. They lacked indoor plumbing and were cramped into a tiny house. The video quickly went viral. In addition to growing his own account, Hatch capitalized on the momentum by creating a surprisingly successful crowdfunding campaign. The goal of the campaign was simple: he wanted to build an all-new home for this struggling family in Mexico.

He began construction on the new home on February 23rd. By nearly any standard, making this kind of progress in such a short amount of time is an incredible accomplishment. In an update from just three days ago, Hatch explained that his team had completed the foundation of the home and was beginning to lay brick down for the walls. As Hatch explains, many homes in this rural part of Mexico use cinder block, but brick provides better insulation.

People from all over the world continue to check Darren Hatch’s TikTok account for regular updates on his project. His brand of philanthropy isn’t uncommon, especially in the era of viral sensations on social media. Larger YouTube and TikTok personalities like Mr. Beast have popularized giving back as one major responsibility of people who are given a platform. With the help of crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, even small content creators can use the influence to drastically improve the lives of others.

Another important element of Hatch’s activism is the way that he uses his own expertise to aid in his philanthropic efforts. While he began as an investor on Wall Street, he transitioned eventually to real estate investment, pouring money into projects in both the United States and Mexico. When he decided to undertake his Christmas project to build a home for an impoverished Mexican family, it was his expertise in navigating building regulations, building a strong team, and completing a construction project that allowed him to turn the dream into a reality.

As social media platforms like TikTok continue to grow, leading content creators are sure to continue using their influence for good. Darren Hatch’s charitable project reminds viewers of the responsibility of those with a platform to give back to the communities they’re involved in.

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