Remembering the 1992 US House Check Kiting Scheme That Rocked Politics


Recently The Daily Blaze did some homework about the 1992 US House Check Kiting Scheme. At the time it was a political earthquake, but today it is very hard to find information on it. We thought we would provide this little visit down memory lane as we dive into a notorious event that rocked the US House of Representatives in 1992.

  1. Perpetrators: The main guilty party behind the scheme was the US House Bank itself, a financial institution exclusive to members of the US House of Representatives. This wasn’t intentional but simply due to an incredible lack of oversight and accountability in the House Bank system.
  2. The Check Kiting Scheme: In essence, check kiting involves floating funds between multiple bank accounts to create artificial balances and avoid overdraft penalties. Dishonest representatives were writing checks for large sums of money without having sufficient funds in their accounts, exploiting the time delay between check clearing.
  3. Unraveling: As the number of overdrafts increased, suspicions arose, and media investigations exposed the scandal. In 1992, the House Bank was forced to shut down, and a 34-count ethics complaint was filed against 22 representatives involved.
  4. Fallout: The scandal shook public trust in the US government, as the very people entrusted with the nation’s affairs were revealed to be abusing their positions for personal gain.
  5. Impact: In the aftermath, public outrage led to the defeat of several incumbents in the 1992 elections, including some long-standing and influential politicians. The scandal brought a wave of new faces to Congress, promising reform and accountability.

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Some of the many that suffered consequences due to their involvement in the scheme:

During the 1992 US House of Representatives Check Kiting Scheme, several members faced defeat in the elections, while others suffered criminal penalties. Here are some notable names:

Defeated in Elections:

  1. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL): Rostenkowski, a powerful Democrat who chaired the House Ways and Means Committee, lost his seat in the 1994 election. He was considered one of the most significant casualties of the scandal.
  2. Mary Rose Oakar (D-OH): Oakar, a Democrat, lost her seat in the 1992 primary election due to her involvement in the Check Kiting Scheme.

Criminal Penalties:

  1. Carl C. Perkins (D-KY): Perkins, a Democrat, pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges related to the scheme and was sentenced to four years of probation and fined $300,000.
  2. Walter R. Tucker III (D-CA): Tucker, a Democrat, was convicted on charges of extortion and tax evasion, which were uncovered during the investigation into the Check Kiting Scheme.

It’s essential to note that while these are some prominent examples, several other representatives faced consequences as a result of the scandal. The Check Kiting Scheme had a significant impact on the political landscape, leading to a wave of investigations and changes in the US House of Representatives.

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