Reports Revealed the U.S. As The Largest Vaccine Donor – Get Insights!


Key aspects-


  • The United States of America has emerged as one of the biggest donors of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. This has been seen as a new record, beating the significant economies of countries like the U.K, China, and Japan. The public data collaborated by UNICEF recently revealed these stats.
  • The U.S. donated and provided up to 114 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with up to 34 million more than that of China donated in the past year.
  • The overall consolidated information may fail to display the full extent of worldwide vaccine donations, but at the same time, it ensures to flow similar to many developing nations struggling to vaccinate their national population.


UNICEF is a United Nations Agency ensuring the protection and overall well-being of children. Also, it tends to manage the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain for the COVAX initiative. It aims at sharing the doses with other underprivileged countries around the world.


This national agency has consolidated humongous data to donate the COVID-19 vaccine through publicly funded and available sources, which is the best source to see the full extent of donations done globally. Yet, the information shared gives a slight glimpse into the vaccine donation flow represented by the rich countries powering the vaccination drive throughout the nation.


A downfall in donations –


Reports suggest the U.S. has donated more than 114 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to more than 80 developing countries, including – Latin America, Asia, Africa, and much more. The overall number of Latinos en Charleston and nearby counties showed immense contribution to the cause. The United States’s donation is considered 34 times more than that of China and other countries, including – Japan, India, France, Canada, Spain, Sweden, etc.


With this, China drops down to the second-largest donor of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, while Japan stands in the third position with a total donation of 23.3 million. Asian countries rose as the top receiving countries for vaccinations. The most highlighted ones include – Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, etc. All of these received up to 10 million vaccinations each.


With this, overall, more than 207 million doses were delivered via COVAX. This falls short of the complete number of doses suggested by an independent panel set from the WHO (world health organization).


As per its final report released in May, the independent panel highlighted the highly developing countries with the potential of redistributing more than one billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the underdeveloped or underprivileged countries by September 1, 2021. With this, it is expected that another one billion vaccines will be delivered by the mid of 2022.


In this context, two epidemiologists from the World Health Organization came forward and condemned the wealthy nations for not coming forward to bring the much-required balance in the number of vaccines worldwide. One of them even said that such well-developed countries are prolonging this pandemic situation.


Furthermore, many studies revealed that many wealthy nations had purchased overdoses of vaccinations which may prove of no use in the forthcoming years. The WHO has decided to set a target of helping countries with prolonging vaccinations by serving at least 10% of vaccinations to their population.

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