Spirit Airlines Has Slight Jump in Its Prices


For years Spirit Airlines has been the dominate player among long fare airlines and has used the title “ultra low” fare to describe itself.  As long as customers abide by Spirit’s rules and if they keep the extras to a minimum, it is not a surprise to take a Spirit flight from one end of the country to the other at a price similar to taking an Uber or Lyft in a city.  That should still be the case, in spite of a price increase in (at least) one of the areas — its $25 one way and $50 round trip specials are now $28 and $56 respectively.  This came without any announcement and was merely observed by a member of The Daily Blaze staff researching for an up coming trip.  The airline has been consistent about the $25/$50 pricing, so it is a safe bit this increase is going to be the new normal.

These increases are not isolated to Spirit.  Delta had its own increase of $2 to $5 and it is expected to spread across the industry.  These increases are seen as a reflection of the up kick in fuel costs in 2018.

Things, however, continue to look very good for Spirit.  It has the youngest fleet in the airline industry, it has 3 percent of total market share, and all of their planes are of the Airbus variety (and not the currently feared Boeing 737 Max).  Some are even predicting its stock value to double by 2020.

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