Suitable Gifts For A Rite-Of-Passage Celebration


It’s the same all over the world; children eventually become adults and the coming of age is a very important time in all cultures. In some cultures, the boys have to do something arduous like hunt an animal, while gifts are also part of this important milestone, for both sexes.

Here are a few great gift ideas for a coming-of-age celebration.

  • Charm Bracelet – If your daughter is approaching 16, buy her a gold charm bracelet and every year on her birthday, you can add a charm. If she is superstitious, it is comforting to know that you are wearing charms to protect you. Search online for retail jewellery store to view a variety of charm bracelets and charms.
  • Gold Coins – The 18th and 21st birthdays are generally regarded as the official start of adulthood and what better way to celebrate than giving the young adult a gold coin, which is a valuable asset. You can buy gold Brisbane dealer City Gold Bullion offers or from an established bullion dealer near you. They can sell you a wide range of authentic gold coins. Popular brands include American Buffalo, American Eagle, the Brittanica, Canadian Maple Leaf or the Australian Kangaroo gold coin. If your son is approaching his 18th birthday, what better gift than a one-ounce gold coin, which he can use to start his investment portfolio. The sooner young people start investing, the better. They come complete in a plastic presentation case and this will be a solid investment for his future.
  • Silver Jewellery – Both Catholic and Protestant religions incorporate the giving of silver jewellery; it might be a confirmation, first communion or graduation. The gift is often a family heirloom, which is handed down from generation to generation, which might be as old as 200 years. This tradition is big in Ireland, where silver jewellery has long played a role in local customs.
  • Pendant Jewellery – Typically, the pendant would have an inscription from the donor, which is normally given to a girl by her parents. It might be the sweet sixteen or Quinceanera, which is the perfect time to present a coming-of-age gift. The pendant might also contain a photo of her mother, which symbolises the wisdom of the elders. Antiques often play a role in this; they’re special pieces that have been in the family for generations.
  • Timepiece – A watch makes for the perfect gift for a young man who is approaching adulthood, as he will need to be punctual in his career, whatever that might be. It does make sense to give something that the recipient would find useful, and a quality timepiece is an excellent gift for a young man. A vintage Rolex would make for the perfect gift; it’s definitely something the recipient would cherish forever. For a girl, why not acquire a second-hand ladies Rolex?
  • Transport – Some parents are so proud that their son or daughter passes their driving test at the first attempt, they present them with new car or motorcycle. Passing one’s driving test is definitely a milestone in everyone’s life and this is the time to enjoy new-found freedom and independence. Of course, a used vehicle still brings with it the same freedom and independence, so if your budget is limited, a second-hand car is just as good.

Cultures around the world have different rites-of-passage celebrations, and gifts are usually presented to the young person who is becoming an adult. The above gifts are traditional, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t choose another gift. If there is something that you feel is suitable, then make that youngster’s day with a coming-of-age gift.

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